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  1. Doc Sausage

    T.Allen, You Asked a Question...

    ...and then closed the thread, blocking any ability to answer. You asked, in effect, do we really need a thread here that talks about, among other things, THE-SINGLE-BIGGEST-EVENT-FOR-HUMANS-IN THE-21st-CENTURY?* As if it doesn’t exist. A thread that also had elements of musicians, venues...
  2. Doc Sausage

    The Late, Great Britain?

    Lockdowns extended, pubs, live music and business in general, all suffering...in a country that is farther along in vaccinations than most any other. What gives, mates? From fearless to feckless in one generation. Sir Winston Churchill is turning in his grave. He might have said something like...
  3. Doc Sausage

    Allman and Betts Isolated Blue Sky Tracks

    I’m not sure if these are YouTube reposts or not. They say they’re 3 mos old. Very cool if these haven’t been circulated before. Duane: Dickey: Duane is note perfect! And Dickey ain’t far behind.
  4. Doc Sausage


    :dang https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.tmz.com/2020/10/06/eddie-van-halen-dead-dies-cancer-65/ Damn 2020.
  5. Doc Sausage

    The Rock Riff Rip-off - The Legal Loophole

    I know this is about a guitar per se, but does involve Zep and Page. Potentially among countless others. And is just plain interesting enough to post where most hang...
  6. Doc Sausage

    The (gospel) Blues

    I simply was taken with this performance, purely on its blues merits. Nothing more, nothing less. https://youtu.be/FLQbQidC-Ks
  7. Doc Sausage

    Let’s Talk ‘08 Standard

    Nearly 11 years on now, do you remember this aberration? PC board, Neutrik jack, “Assemtrical neck”’ Plek’d (whatever happened to that snake oil?) and other delights. Well, it remains my only Standard. For no other reason than I just have spent time and money on other interests. It’s by far my...
  8. Doc Sausage

    Shout Out to Elliot Easton, et al

    In a world that’s now gone nuckin futz, I was happy listening to The Cars first album on a walk this morning and I declare, it still stands. It stands as a feel good testament to the simple things of requited and unrequited love of days gone by. And by God, there’s many a rhythm hook and tasty...
  9. Doc Sausage


    A sad weekend one year ago. Guess he’s jammed a plenty with his Bro by now!
  10. Doc Sausage

    Just How Hard Is It To Write an "Original" Song?

    If you hang here on the LPF you are no doubt a music fan and probably a classic rock fan as well. Rather famously now, quite a few of Led Zeppelin's songs have been litigated and 'out of court settlements' were awarded. But even one of the more recent suits involving, "Stairway to Heaven", has...
  11. Doc Sausage

    1959 - That Magic Year?

    I know, I know, it's a guitar forum. But perhaps it could bode well for the vintage guitar market too, in the long haul. Sometimes even when you don't care for the horse in the race, he brings you good fortune on the come! "Wall Street moved higher Wednesday, capping a strong run in January...
  12. Doc Sausage

    RIP Gregg Allman

    Thought I'd post this extremely sad news here where most hang. I am in mourning. :dang
  13. Doc Sausage

    Some Great LP Content

    I stumbled onto these studio folks on YouTube. You can't be a LP fan and not like this song. The band, maybe...they have many other classic songs to check out too. No doubt some Pro Tools enhancement but still entertaining! At least it was for me. https://youtu.be/IgcNLFVjWuc
  14. Doc Sausage

    Terrible Ted Nugent 'Guitar Lesson' with Burst Content

    The truly, one and only, half crazed, monkey meat master of shameless self promotion and grandiose...Everything, Ted Nugent. You'll have to fast forward to about the 24 minute mark in to see him wang dang the burst. You're either a Ted fan or you're not...enjoy. Or not:dude...
  15. Doc Sausage

    Duanes's Bursts - Old Story, New Question

    I'm sure you are all familiar with the story where the Allman Bros. played Duane's bursts at their last show at the Beacon, back in 2014. In re-reading this old article, I'm a bit perplexed as to why Galadrielle refers to these guitars as "fragile." I get valuable but aren't these the venerable...
  16. Doc Sausage

    Trump Rally Music

    Whether you like the candidate or not, this young man does a lot of the end of live-feed music. I think this has become the better known 'Rally Song.' There are more refined versions but I like this playful, rehearsal studio thing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1c_ndMaB3c You can watch...
  17. Doc Sausage

    Was Steve Miller Right or Wrong with his Assessment of the R&R Hall of Fame?

    I don't pretend to have the inside track of knowledge he does about the HOF's past 'indiscretions' but boy howdy, seems he had a long-simmering, bone to pick with the industry in general! And I thought The Black Keys reaction to a legend like Miller left them looking a little full of themselves...
  18. Doc Sausage

    Been Away For Awhile Doing The Chick Country Thang...

    I've tried to convince myself that the Tele was more "country" than my Lester but I may have to go back. I was playing the Goldtop for a while and made some tweaks to the Tele to adapt. This video was shot 'live' in the backyard and is E X T R A bright and tinny. We just didn't have the luxury...
  19. Doc Sausage

    "The Ten Douchiest Guitar Players of All Time"

    I don't normally give these screeds a second glance but this one was about guitar players. But Van Halen, Satriani on this list? What do you bet the "author" couldn't play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on a ukulele? :bigal...
  20. Doc Sausage

    Open Mic "Host Band" Etiquette

    Any of y'all done this before? We are the 'host band' tomorrow night. And I might add, it's unpaid. We're just taking to the streets and need the exposure. Would you say we get equal playing time since we're essentially one of them? We're well practiced and should kill it but...I don't want to...