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  1. Scott L

    2007 Gibson Custom Shop Limited Edition 50th Anniversery 57' Les Paul Gold Top

    <article class="message-body js-selectToQuote" style="box-sizing: border-box; margin: 10px 0px 0px; font-family: Verdana, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 14px; line-height: 1.6;">$5690 / Lower 48 $5690 Delivered / Lower 48 The Slideshow in this listing has over 100 photos of every...
  2. Scott L

    So who is Doris?

    This is couple of cavity shots of a 1980 Heritage Series Standard , any one have a clue who Doris is? For that matter what the other markings are / mean?
  3. Scott L


    ?? Help finding Pickup Rings for LPC 3 Pick Up BB Can anyone point me in the right direction for a source for the Middle Pickup Ring for a LP Custom in Black?? Tried Stew Mac, Allparts and Gibson directly I'd really like to avoid the hassle of fabricating one by grinding / sanding down a...
  4. Scott L

    FS: Gibson Branded Speed Winder Tuning Machines - Full Set Excellent Condition

    Circa 1978 to 1984 Gold Gibson Speed Winder Tuning Machines Excellent Working Condition $250 Delivered Regular Pay Pal / Lower 48. Forgive the down and dirty indoor pices - Better photos to follow.
  5. Scott L

    Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul '55 - Hot-Mod Wrap Tail with Humbuckers

    Gibson Custom Shop 1955 / R5 Refin Hot-Mod 1955 Les Paul Wraptail $3250 Shipped / Lower 48 In Excellent +++ Condition Out of the box to test and photo 100% Factory Original Heritage Cherry Sunburst Natural Back 9.0 Lbs on my digital scale Includes: All Original Documentation All Case Candy...
  6. Scott L

    Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Case Black / Burgundy

    In Excellent +++ Condition $285 Delivered / Lower 48 Sold with an R9 that the original owner immeadatly got a Flight Case for, and never used this case. Crushed Velvet Burgundy interior Polished Brass Hardware Gibson Custom Shop Logo Padded Leather Handle Neck Pocket Will be shipped...
  7. Scott L

    Photos from the Les Paul 100th B-day Celebration 6-9-2015 - Hard Rock NYC

    An amazing evening for sure....
  8. Scott L

    June 9th, 2015 - Les Paul's 100th Birthday Birthday Celebration / Hard Rock NYC...

    I know at least one member besides myself is going..... anyone else??? From: http://www.lespaulfoundation.org/stars-of-rock-n-roll-set-to-perform-at-100th-anniversary-of-les-paul-celebration/ Stars of Rock n’ Roll Set to Perform at 100th Anniversary of Les Paul CelebrationApril 22, 2015 by...
  9. Scott L

    2014 Historic LPR9 - 59 Reissue - Tobacco Full Gloss

    2004 Historic LPR9 - 59 Reissue - Tobacco Full Gloss 2004 Historic LPR9 - 59 Reissue - Tobacco Full Gloss $3970 Shipped with PPG 8.8 lbs on my digital scale COA is missing - Prior owner put it in a safe place - so safe, even he can't find it. Super Clean Killer Flame and Grain 3D Top...
  10. Scott L

    2013 Gibson Custom Shop Joe Walsh / Les Paul

    Excellent +++ Condition Has all the hang tags, Cert and in Original CS Case. Fast 60s Neck - and sustains like crazy!! 8.8 Lbs on my Digital Scale $5850 Delivered 150 Photo Slideshow: 2013 Gibson Les Paul - Joe Walsh 081 Slideshow by 6strings4sale | Photobucket 60 Second...
  11. Scott L

    Lifton '59 Case; Professional

    $225 Shipped Lifton '59 Case; Professional Excellent +++ Condition This original Lifton case is an amazing reissue of the original late 50's Burst case. Keeping the classic look, while making the improvements necessary to keep your guitar safe. Only Faber gives you “the look” without...
  12. Scott L

    2011 Historic Les Paul CR8 - Chambered 58 Re-Issue in Bourbonburst - Light Flametop

    Very reluctant sale, 2 cars totaled in the family less than 4 weeks...... :( 2011 Custom Shop Historic Gibson Les Paul Chambered 1958 Re-Issue in Bourbonburst - Light Flame Top $3250 Shipped - Price is Firm. Excellent + Condition Taken out of the Box only for testing and photos. 7.4 Lbs...
  13. Scott L

    PSA - R9 # 91367 - Got your hang tags...

    Found these in a case I just got with another guitar... possible that I have the original case for the R9, was swapped out? If it's your's - reach out to me and I will get them to you.
  14. Scott L

    Proper Case for a 1993 R6 ??

    What case would an R6 Goldtop have shipped with from the Factory?? Thanks in advance!
  15. Scott L

    Play some of Les's Les Pauls at the Mahwah Museum!!!

    Play some of Les's Les Pauls at the Mahwah Museum!!! And if your really lucky - I'll be there helping out From - https://mail.google.com/mail/ca/u/0/...a6a215e9ac94d6 PLAY SOME OF LES PAUL'S GUITARS Musicians can sign up to play precious guitars once owned by Les Paul at sessions to be...
  16. Scott L

    Mick Taylor's 59...

    I had the privilege of not only hanging of spending a few minutes with Mick on the Gibson bus and back stage pre-show tonight, got to check out Mick's gear including his Burst while enjoying the company of his stage manager and tech side stage too. Great show, Micks playing and singing is stellar.
  17. Scott L

    $10,000 for a Silverburst!! ??

    Sure hope he gets it - I have the same guitar. My first Gibson is the exact same V. Ordered when I was 19, now were both Vintage... The V is holding up better then me. http://www.ebay.com/itm/251051758378?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649#ht_815wt_1185
  18. Scott L

    CV Guitars - LCPG-T

    Larry working the mojo again.... :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUeNpmg2sp4&feature=colike
  19. Scott L

    Eric Johnson Gets a Les Paul Signature

    from the Les Paul Exhibit.... My son and I are very involved with the Les Paul Exhibit that is due to open on September 25th in Mahwah NJ - www.LesPaulExhibit.org.. Last June Eric did a 3 nights at NYC's Bitter End. After the last show we had gotten on the subject signing guitars, as Eric...