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  1. Scott L

    Is My Les Paul Standard a Honeyburst or Ice Tea Finish?

    Did you get the Inspection Card that it shipped with? The model # will have the color code within it.
  2. Scott L

    2013 Les Paul Signature T? Really?

    It is not a Traditional - the Truss Rod Cover was replaced These shipped with and with out the G-Force Tuners. Big differences vs a Traditional from the era are 60s Neck vs 50s on a Traditional, Granadillo fretboard vs Rosewood, and Push Pull Pots vs standard wiring. Your guitar was modded...
  3. Scott L

    Les Paul R0 fretboard

    Lighten up Francis.....
  4. Scott L

    New Gibson Les Paul that was a Factory Error

    I did correct the post. The 19 is the year indicator in the model number. The model was introduced in 2019 Note the date when put the on the Guitar Center floor. Some how your guitar got polished more than it was supposed to as satin model. Simply more time on a buffing wheel. Many people have...
  5. Scott L

    New Gibson Les Paul that was a Factory Error

    MODEL not serial #
  6. Scott L

    New Gibson Les Paul that was a Factory Error

    The 19 in the model number.
  7. Scott L

    New Gibson Les Paul that was a Factory Error

    OP, It's a Gibson Factory SNAFU. The model list listed on the inspection card as a 2019 - right there it is proof the guitar was labeled and packed up just after the 4:20 pm break. A full gloss Trad Pro is a Traditional Pro IV - lots of them out there. Gibson is also not verifying it left...
  8. Scott L

    New Gibson Les Paul that was a Factory Error

    If it is not a Flame Top Trad Pro 5, and a plain top Pro 5 - there is not difference in the finish - just more time on the buffing wheel. Nothing anyone can't do at home by hand. Also there was the Trad Pro 4 - short lived run with a full gloss finish.
  9. Scott L

    New Gibson Les Paul that was a Factory Error

    Musician's Friend and GC alike are a train wreck with names and models. There is a Flame Top / Gloss version of this model that goes for $2700 - perhaps the OP's guitar was mislabled as the cheaper satin one?
  10. Scott L

    New Gibson Les Paul that was a Factory Error

    Many people over the years have taken a polish like Virtuoso to their Satin finished guitars and made them glossy.
  11. Scott L

    Help 1986 les paul standard

    Be careful of " Paralysis by Analysis " - your friend does not know your interested and it may get sold out from under you.
  12. Scott L

    Traditional or not?

    Send an email to Gibson's Custom Service for verification. The Bridge appears to be a Tone Pros model The Knobs and Pointers are not original to a Traditional The PCB control panel and pickups could have been from a number of Gibson models.
  13. Scott L

    How much is the COA & general condition worth?

    While your personally my feel this way - the market says it makes a big difference. I bought and sold a 2015 R9 and there was at least $1000 in play.
  14. Scott L

    2004 R9

    10% minimum. On something upper end, a Collectors Choice or a True Historic it can be pushing 20%.
  15. Scott L

    The Big Al Good Mojo thread

    I can't fathom all you are going through, but am glad to see you posting. I hope today brings you some some joy, and lets the sun brighten you day.
  16. Scott L

    Eric Johnson and Robben Ford playing reissues?

    In 2010 EJ was touring with a recent R9, while talking to him - he said it was just a great LP that was off the rack.
  17. Scott L

    2007 Gibson Custom Shop Limited Edition 50th Anniversery 57' Les Paul Gold Top

    <article class="message-body js-selectToQuote" style="box-sizing: border-box; margin: 10px 0px 0px; font-family: Verdana, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 14px; line-height: 1.6;">$5690 / Lower 48 $5690 Delivered / Lower 48 The Slideshow in this listing has over 100 photos of every...
  18. Scott L

    So who is Doris?

    This is couple of cavity shots of a 1980 Heritage Series Standard , any one have a clue who Doris is? For that matter what the other markings are / mean?
  19. Scott L

    2018 Traditional question

    2019 for sure - produced in late 2018 as a 2019. It has the 1900 start to the serial number. Around the intro of the new line up Gibson reverted to the YdddY#### serial number system. AFAIK the Traditional name was retired at that time.