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    Gibson debuts Abort Nacho ’59 Les Paul series of 7lb tone monsters

    https://www.gearnews.com/gibson-debuts-abort-nacho-59-les-paul-series-of-7lb-tone-monsters/Custom Shop Abort Nacho Les Paul Standard Today Gibson has announced a new line of Custom Shop Abort Nacho ’59 Les Pauls. These super lightweight, non-weight relieved recreations of the classic 1959 Les...
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    Eric Clapton 1964 Firebird I

    Lovely - I have a cracking FB1 but the price, er not sure.https://www.gibson.com/Guitar/CUSSK4171/Eric-Clapton-1964-Firebird-I#
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    Brian Ray '62 SG Junior

    https://www.gibson.com/Guitar/CUS4CC145/Brian-Ray-62-SG-JuniorThis looks very cool but naturally very expensive.
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    This months Guitarist “what went wrong with Gibson and what’s next”

    Thought this might be worth a thread for the forums views and a heads up. Our Henry’s views....... There is also a class of 56 with details on 4 lovely looking Gibson’s, a gold top, a black beauty and a special I don’t recognise the 4th a jazzer.
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    Guitarist magazine- 60 years of the burst

    5 bursts examined - a good read.
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    Steve miller - Music Zoo

    Mr Miller is thining his collection there are a number of Beanos, a Pearly at et-al available at the Zoo. The price of the Beano made my eyes water:hank
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    My understanding is these where produced by Gibson in late 80's early 90's? So hopely I'm in the right section. I played a nice D33 yesterday - but I'm aware this was not Gibsons greatest production period, so anything to look out for it's a California Girl, any thoughts. Should I save for a...
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    Keith inspired Micawber

    So I’ve been thinning the herd a little, I already own 3 telecasters and a lot of Gibson’s but I wanted a Keith inspired Micawber. I’m lucky at my time of life to be a custom shop guy, but you didn’t see many of these around. I didn’t fancy the inspired by series, give me a relic every time...
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    NGD Taylor T5zr

    Well I've been settling in with my new acoustic/electric hybrid. I've been thinning the herd a little and slowly grabing the ocasional star. I love this guitar - it has three pickups, plays and records wonderfully and in many repects plays like and acoustic Les Paul. Did I mention it looks stunning.
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    CC19 - Double cut Junior Black

    Well there is a surprise - I already have a TV yellow, but nice looking Junior in black. The specs are up at Gibson and Wildwood.
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    Taylor T5z

    Anybody own one of these - I played one today, crikey almost like an electro acoustic a Lester and a Tele in one package - wow.
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    J 200 - what pick up to install?

    I want to put a pickup in my j200 what you guys recommend? Thanks
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    Les paul custom

    I've been offered this at a very good price, it's a bit of a road warrior and had an extra middle pickup added, Serial number 717190**, so I'm assuming a 79? Does this look legit to you? What do you think its worth. Thanks in advance an appoliiges for the poor picture. It plays and sound great...
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    Tone King Falcon

    My mate purchased one a few months back, gave it a run out today with a Lester and a Tele, really blown away, between the 3 amp settings, the volume control and power brake its a world of fab sounds - I now really want one, your thoughts anybody own one here? Thanks
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    Fender Telebration Telecaster Thinline

    Telecaster Thin-line, tort scratch plate, never gigged home use only. Fender hardcase £1050 - buyer collects.
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    Nicky/Donna/Ace Gibson firing the big guns - whats next?

    So it's been a big few months for CC's and signatures, what are the new releases for the remainder of 2015, whats coming down the road?
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    The sweet spot

    Playing my Lesters this morning on medium gain, 8.5 on the volume really is just the right amount of push to get fantastic breakin up tone, almost tele ish - lovely.
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    All of our Nickys in one thread

    So as they are a few of these now owned by forum members I think we should show them all here. I'm loving mine the best Les Paul I've ever owned. So to get us started 41.
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    NGD - Nicky CC24 - 41

    So happy days, I had a great road trip to Peach guitars in the UK yesterday, thank you John - a long day but I'm a very happy boy. Firstly I went with 41 of the two available, those who followed a previous pre road trip thread saw what 41 was up against. 41 to me, looks like old wood (I have no...
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    Nicky - 1 from 2

    I'm going to collect one of these two on Wednesday - a long road trip, and of course how they sound and play will be the desciding factor but for now I have a favourite, fellow forum members which top do you like? 41 Or 16