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  1. sonar

    Low post counts and embedded links?

    What's up with this? At first it was a single post count user asking a general question with an embedded link or links. Now the member signup might be a couple months old with a few posts, and doing the same thing. Is this a hack or am I missing something?
  2. sonar

    Mysterious Video Shows Bulldozing of Hundreds of Gibson Firebird X Guitars

    This is a really odd story. At first I thought it was a goof, but turns out Gibson acknowledged that it happened, explaining the guitars were “damaged with unsafe components.” Whatever that means. https://reverb.com/news/mysterious-video-shows-bulldozing-of-hundreds-of-gibson-firebird-x-guitars
  3. sonar

    New Fender MIJ in the States

    No affiliation. CME just sent me an email advertising MIJ Fender. Not quite the bargain they were in the 90's at almost twice the price players used to buy them for back in the day. They appear to be the "ST-**" vintage spec models with basswood bodies and (I assume) crappy electronics. Pretty...
  4. sonar

    Ted McCarty Interview

    A fun read. https://reverb.com/news/former-gibson-chief-ted-mccarty-on-tonewoods-and-the-problems-of-top-heavy-management
  5. sonar

    Gibson Floor Models...

    that have never been on the floor. Most are still in the store warehouse. Great for the consumer, but seriously undercutting other dealers. (Check reverb.) Discuss.
  6. sonar

    Pointy Guitars?

    So this is a thing? Again?
  7. sonar

    Thoughts on the New, Handwired Fender Deluxe Reverb?

    At $2500 Street I'm thinking it's not such a bad deal. Really clean Vintage BF's are going around 3k, while mint Drip Edge's are around 2k. I've always thought the BF/early SF Fender amps are the most dependable guitar amps ever made, but at 50+ years old it might be time to lessen some of the...
  8. sonar

    Oops... 6G15 Clone left on for 3 weeks!

    Yeah, band has been on a mini, end of summer hiatus and I haven't been to the rehearsal spot since we played last. Went down to grab a guitar a couple days ago and noticed I left my reverb unit on for over 3 weeks! To be clear the reverb does not have a standby. I was in a rush and didn't have...
  9. sonar

    B&G Little Sister?

    Any opinions?
  10. sonar

    Favorite Acoustic Strings?

    Looking for suggestions. Tried the Martin Retro's. 4-6 Strings sound really good. Can't say the same about strings 1-3. I've played Martin Marquis for years without much thought. Either I'm getting bored or maybe they aren't sounding the same as they did in the past.
  11. sonar

    RIP Lonnie Brooks

    A Chicago Blues Club mainstay and personal guitar hero passed. Although he called Chicago home, he always had some swamp boogie in his playing from his early days in Louisiana and Texas. He was part of a group of bluesman I used to see in the late 80's and early 90's around Chicago. I was a...
  12. sonar

    James Gang — Walk Away [Live AT The Beat Club, Germany. 1971]

    Love this performance and wish there was more James Gang and less Eagles in the world. Does anyone know what his guitar and backline was at this performance? I see small box Marshall's, but the hippy/dippy visual effects blur it out. The LP looks like it might be a Deluxe routed for HB's...
  13. sonar

    Pay It Forward: Never Used Couch Racer X Strap (Shorty)

    (I hope I'm doing this right.) I recently purchased a Couch Racer X (pictured below) as a closeout. Unfortunately for me the strap is 53.5 inches fully extended. I'm a little too tall for this strap. Even us cowhide lovin' guitar slingers can appreciate a quality made vegan strap. Not that...
  14. sonar

    50's Valco's.

    Post 'em.
  15. sonar

    NVAD - '68 AB165 Bassman

    I usually don't post New Gear Day Threads. This might be the first. Anyway, a couple days ago I stumbled upon a good old fashioned deal found in a garage. It made me reminisce about hunting for old amps back before the interwebz, so I post in honor of fun that some of us had back then. Although...
  16. sonar

    Friday Les Paul Fun or How Safe Is The GT Headstock?

    Pardon, my jaw is still on the floor. @ 2:25 things get really scary.
  17. sonar

    The LPF Resonator Thread

    Who's got em? And pics. Those beloved pics. "What say ye?"
  18. sonar

    How many guitars do you currently own?

    No judging nor explanation needed. I'm just curious.
  19. sonar

    From Charlie Christian to post war P90 info?

    Trying to gather some information about the evolution from the late 30's ES-150 "Charlie Christian" pickup to the post war P90 guitars. What little information I've read about these transitional pickups has often proven to be contradictory to just wrong. I'm really interested in the P13, slant...