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    Flametop Saturday a group shot

    Lovely - my favourite is 2nd on the top left.
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    Oh boy ..... I have heard there are problems with the Murphy labs.

    why with the up charge is it so difficult to age the plastics and chrome?
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    Oh boy ..... I have heard there are problems with the Murphy labs.

    Interesting review in this month’s guitarist. Comparisons to a car (cost) and lack of ok relicing.
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    Murphy lab… plastic?

    Yup drives me mad, some Fender CS jobs are better but again often wide of the mark.
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    NGD. Murphy Wildwood R9

    The best looking of a very pretty bunch, enjoy.
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    Finally! My First R9!

    What a beauty - enjoy.
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    Gibson Custom Shop | Introducing the Murphy Lab

    I’ve owned a few and I can attest that his bursts are beautiful, worth the extra if you can, I would.
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    Murphy Lab, Murphy Lab everywhere!

    Wow just beautiful - enjoy
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    Murphy's Lab

    Looks great to me
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    NGD/One year anniversary? 60th Anniversary R0 V1

    Wow just fantastic top and colour.
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    Gibson debuts Abort Nacho ’59 Les Paul series of 7lb tone monsters

    https://www.gearnews.com/gibson-debuts-abort-nacho-59-les-paul-series-of-7lb-tone-monsters/Custom Shop Abort Nacho Les Paul Standard Today Gibson has announced a new line of Custom Shop Abort Nacho ’59 Les Pauls. These super lightweight, non-weight relieved recreations of the classic 1959 Les...
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    Eric Clapton 1964 Firebird I

    Lovely - I have a cracking FB1 but the price, er not sure.https://www.gibson.com/Guitar/CUSSK4171/Eric-Clapton-1964-Firebird-I#
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    Brian Ray '62 SG Junior

    https://www.gibson.com/Guitar/CUS4CC145/Brian-Ray-62-SG-JuniorThis looks very cool but naturally very expensive.
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    Gibson Custom 1957 LP Standard Verdero Green Light Aged VOS Bigsby GH (Serial#CME8015

    Love green guitars - seafoam, kerry, surf etc so lovely classy looking Lester - I love stick shifts but hate gold hardware. Seafoam sparkle anyone? Or Kerry?
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    This months Guitarist “what went wrong with Gibson and what’s next”

    Thought this might be worth a thread for the forums views and a heads up. Our Henry’s views....... There is also a class of 56 with details on 4 lovely looking Gibson’s, a gold top, a black beauty and a special I don’t recognise the 4th a jazzer.
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    Guitarist magazine- 60 years of the burst

    5 bursts examined - a good read.
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    Steve miller - Music Zoo

    Mr Miller is thining his collection there are a number of Beanos, a Pearly at et-al available at the Zoo. The price of the Beano made my eyes water:hank
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    My understanding is these where produced by Gibson in late 80's early 90's? So hopely I'm in the right section. I played a nice D33 yesterday - but I'm aware this was not Gibsons greatest production period, so anything to look out for it's a California Girl, any thoughts. Should I save for a...
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    Keith inspired Micawber

    So I’ve been thinning the herd a little, I already own 3 telecasters and a lot of Gibson’s but I wanted a Keith inspired Micawber. I’m lucky at my time of life to be a custom shop guy, but you didn’t see many of these around. I didn’t fancy the inspired by series, give me a relic every time...