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    Partscaster Build - '50s hardtail strat

    Hi folks, I wanted to share a build I've just completed and am really proud of. I've had a love/hate relationship with strats - I find them so comfortable to play and love a lot of strat tones but when I get my hands on them struggle with skinny neck and bright, harsh tones. I sought to build...
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    NGD: 1972(?) Les Paul Custom

    I've got a few Les Pauls but really fancied two more; an ebony Custom and something borderline vintage. I managed to scratch both itches in one go when I happened to be driving past where this was for sale. Once I played it I couldn't put it down. The neck starts super thin but thickens up, the...
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    NGD: 1989 Les Paul Standard (goldtop) - part turd

    This came home with me today. I couldn't let it go as it played so well and was a great deal - it's my third Les Paul. The neck is slightly slimmer than my 2002 Standard and it's noticeably heavier but otherwise very reminiscent. It originally had P90s which someone sadly routed out for...
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    Authenticating a recent LPC

    Hi all, Sorry to do one one of these but I saw a guitar tonight opportunistically and want to just confirm its authenticity before pulling the trigger. It’s a black Les Paul Custom with the serial number CS 702831. My main suspicion is the serial number - is it one digit too long? Is that a...
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    2015 Les Paul Deluxe transformation

    I finally finished what I'm calling my 'out with the new, in with the old' process on my 2015 Les Paul I've owned for just over 2 years. I bought it because I loved the idea of having a Goldtop and the price was heavily discounted new (from around £1,800 to £1,000). I loved the chunky feel of...