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  1. Trans-Am

    2016 GIBSON Memphis Studio Yay or Nay ???

    It's been a month for this baby to adjust to all the tweaks and adjustments that is needed if there was really. This will do for me w/o the extra cost for bling here and there, although I would have preferred the '63 but just too rich for my blood right now.:hmm The Classics 57 & 57 + is just...
  2. Trans-Am


    Not sure if this is the place but I am sure you all heard and read this already.:bigal https://www.cnbc.com/2018/02/19/guitar-company-gibson-reportedly-facing-bankruptcy.html Moderator please post in rightful area for discussion. Thanks! Trans
  3. Trans-Am

    BELL TONE Anyone?

    Yup! Tone chasers alike....... Chasing that tone is something like you have already heard or have, but keeps getting away.....if you know what I mean? Or is it purely the wood? the age? the pickups? the amp? the effects if any? or is it in your hands/fingers? or most of all your SOUL? Maybe...
  4. Trans-Am

    Any FIESTA RED Owners????

    I'll start this one off. There are just something about them Fiesta Reds when they start to fade a la' TOMATO Soup! From l-r : CAR Muddy Waters Sig. - FR California Series Maple - CAR California Series RW - FR California Series RW Trans
  5. Trans-Am

    Revolution..Gibson Custom " Maduro & Richlite "

    Here is the latest on the once been everly loved Customs of all time. ...as per Gibson.com Gibson will now use Rosewood fingerboard on the Maduro line and Richlite on the regular Custom.:bigal Price? Would you buy if for the replacement boards? The good and bad will soon come out. Those who...
  6. Trans-Am

    Fender Excelsior 13w of Tube.

    Anybody try/bought the Fender Excelsior for half the price with 13 watts of tube w/ a 15 inch speaker. There is also an obvious possiblity to customized (BillM mod). Quite loud.... Very happy with it so far.:hank http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-R1pMp7iwg...
  7. Trans-Am

    2K7 R9 > 9 713XX

    Hi All, 2007 is a year that all other 2K7 R9 owner's will attest of how wonderful the year was/were. I remember the year as all of us would....how shiny and perfect enough for us afficiando's to be able to play/look/share and gab about your latest addition let alone the first time...
  8. Trans-Am

    Allright all you Marshall Class 5 DIE HARDS!!

    ...finally? Marshall has listened to us ( besides Gibson ) Prayers have been answered. Right from NAMM 2K10! http://www.andertons.co.uk/News/aid588/namm-2011-marshall-announce-class-5-mark-ii-amplifier-and-class-5-head.asp The head looks mighty fine, along with the combo...and the 2x12 cab...
  9. Trans-Am

    GIBSON in Hot Water ???

    ...and i always thought they followed rules and regulations?? http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/40845164/ns/local_news-nashville_tn/ I doublt it highly wrong:hmm since the CEO of Gibson is a member of the Rainforest Alliance.Henry's taken a LOA since this happened. Their take here...
  10. Trans-Am

    Vox Night Train Head or Marshall Class 5 ??

    Well?, Any inputs? Is it no contest? or mere preference in sound oviously? Besides the combo and head diff? Peace!!:salude
  11. Trans-Am

    Gibson Picking Up The Aftermath!!

    Not sure if this was covered before in other appropiate dept. but here's the rest. Thought i'd share this to all. Moderators please redirect to appropiate dept/section if needed? Thx...
  12. Trans-Am

    Variations of Heritage Cherry Sunburst R9's

    ...Ok! So, there are at least a dozen of variation of the Historics R9's?:hmm I've seen quite a few from ribbons to chevron...tiger flames..clown,etc.etc... I reckon the foremost originals, or somewhat original historic reissues were concise to the vintage ones before. Now? with other finishes...
  13. Trans-Am

    O'de to Les Paul!! Jeff Beck plays a Historic?

    ...just caught a short tribute to Les Paul on the Grammy's....suprise to see O'l chap Jeff Beck wielding a Historic. Pretty good performance done in Les Paul style. Peace!!:hippy
  14. Trans-Am

    R9: ALL Glossed Up VOS !! Before & After-Please Show Yours!!

    ......i guess it's another way to save a few bills as long as you got some time to elbow grease the sucka!! A few bills less before i glossed her. Now it's ready for some au' naturel character build up. Before: Inside natural lighting. After: Halfway there, inside/outside lighting. Maybe...
  15. Trans-Am

    Another One Bites The Gas Bug : 2K7 VOS Washed Cherry R9!!

    ....a friend borrowed my other camera, so i used my cell instead as i couldn't wait so here it is!! 2K7 VOS Washed Cherry R9: All inside shots with & w/o flash. Outside sun on the way soon. Cheers!!:salude
  16. Trans-Am


    What can i say?:biggrin: I've been hit with a GT bug.:ganz I figure at least one in the heard will do but there is something about a GT ( no matter what model/level ) that is just a must have/play. Darkbacks and all Gold, Bigsby or not, with or without pickguards....P-90's or HB's. All them...
  17. Trans-Am

    First SG !!!!

    :wow Im in the middle of finalizing a deal i worked in by acquiring an 2K7 SG Standard and at the same time will have to let go an axe. I am considerng to let a 8-9 out of 10 1997 Alpine White all stock Studio w/gold hardware. OR a 2K1 1st. RI Les Paul Melody Maker single P-90 all stock in mint...
  18. Trans-Am

    Nice Solo Jam with a Custom!!!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMRyCpPFQxg Nice job done on a Custom Shop!!:2cool What more do you need? Peace:hank
  19. Trans-Am

    Cracks Across Along the Neck?? Top & Bottom

    Is this part of the checking/aging process or this fellas just negligent with his Les Pauls. I came across this model a while back although it hasn't effect the playability and the integrity of the axe, this has become more in occurance to different models and alike. Temperature sure did play a...
  20. Trans-Am

    Chime In Folks !! Best Reverb/Reverb Delay Box to Date??

    Yup, well? Been searching for a Reverb or Reverb/Dealy box pedal lately. Saw & heard the Boss RV-3 ? Not bad.:hmm Anybody using anything else different?:wah Peace:hank