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  1. gmann

    Pot code ?

    I recently picked up an Historic R9 that has this for a pot code, 1 440-70501 0519. I've looked at the usual sites and have had no luck deciphering this. Anybody here know what it means?
  2. gmann

    Pot values

    In a Les Paul Jr., the '50's wiring calls for a 250K tone pot. They don't come this way anymore. Does anybody feel any value, tonally speaking, in going with a 250K as opposed to a 500K besides vintage accuracy?
  3. gmann

    Les Paul Standard Plus

    Anybody here have one? Are they chambered and do they have the long neck tenon. The one I'm looking at is a goldtop and I can get it for about $1400 which I think is a good deal. What do you think?
  4. gmann

    Truss rod condoms

    When did this start. all Historics have these and are they still doing it?
  5. gmann

    Don Preston's Explorer

    Anyone know what the story is on this, where he got it and where it is now?
  6. gmann

    Seymour Duncan Joe B Amos pickups

    Anybody using these? What do you think? I recently bought a Korina Explorer and I'm replacing the pups. These look interesting, kinda pricey but interesting. My other choice was the SD Antiquities. These are only a little more.
  7. gmann

    Explorer Wiring ?

    Anybody have a good wiring diagram for an Explorer wired '50's style? I've found several on the internet showing 3 different locations for the cap on the tone pot. If anybody has one I'd appreciate it.
  8. gmann

    Firebird Pickup rings

    Several yrs ago there was a Forum member who made a run of aged/nickel FB pickup rings. I can't remember his name, anybody here remember him? I need a pair. Thanks, gmann
  9. gmann

    Kluson question

    When did no lines end and single lines begin. I'm sure there was overlap but I'm lookin' for approximation. Thanks.
  10. gmann

    Faber ABRH-1

    I ordered one of these and it's for my 3 pup LP Custom with Bigsby. I couldn't be happier with this product. I admit I ordered it because of Don Butler's recommendation. Hey, they don't call him 'Toneman' for nothing. Anyway, I've had others, Pigtail, Gibson, Creamtone and so on. All good, all a...
  11. gmann

    Another magnet ?

    What's the difference between oriented and unoriented and why would one necessarily be prefered over the other?
  12. gmann

    Pickup magnet question, suggestion

    I'm looking for magnet suggestions for a pair of humbuckers. The pickups will be going in a solid Korina guitar, a Futura (copy) to be exact. Pots and cap have already been upgraded. I've had a lot of suggestions for A2 neck, and A4 bridge and several for A4 in both positions. I'm hoping to get...
  13. gmann

    Correct plastic parts for P90 Lester

    Is there a one stop place for all the plastic on a '96 R4? There are several people with great lookin' parts but is there one place that has it all? Any recommendations?
  14. gmann

    Luxe cap question

    I've used Luxe Bumblebees in the past and have always been satisfied with them. For this particular guitar tho I want to use Black Beauties. Are the RI Luxe Bees and Beauties the same cap, is it just a cosmetic thing? I know the old Bees, like the Luxe RI's, were paper and oil. I've always heard...
  15. gmann

    Aged gold parts

    Anybody have a good go to source for aged gold hardware?
  16. gmann

    LP JR pot replacemnt question

    I just bought an '06 TV Model Jr. I'll be replacing pots and caps. Is there any reason to got with 500K Vol. and 250K tone other than in the interest of '50's originality. It seems that 500k would work equally well for both positions as it does on two pup guitars. Has anybody used a 250K and had...
  17. gmann

    Dr. Vintage P90's

    Has anybory tried these pups fm Forum member Rick Norman? I hadn't been on his site in awhile until recently and saw these. A couple of yrs back I got a set of his Humbuckers that he makes specifically for 335 type guitars. I was super pleased with these and still have them in my late '60's 345...
  18. gmann

    Pot question

    I recently got some pots fm a parts dealer. CTS and they read, on avg. 570K. Is this good or is it too much for something spec'd at 500K? I've always liked 'em a little above spec but this seems high to me. Any opinions?
  19. gmann

    '59 Burst at Reverb.com

    I don't have a link but I just saw this, $427,500. Looks nice but damn!
  20. gmann

    Gibson's Bumblees question

    Are the bumblebee caps Gibson's using these days in their Historics still the ceramics all dressed up or are they actual PIO.