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  1. bern1

    In Vienna Austria for a few days

    It seems there are a few LPF members here and I saw a shop in the Mariahilferstrasse area. If any of you are playing in town, please let me know! Cheers, Bernard
  2. bern1

    Pinstripe 4x12 and jtm45 head at Emerald City in Seattle

    A young lady there said had been bought by a Canadian 5 yrs ago and never picked up.... Said to be original. I didn't get into details. Looked good from 20' away. Up on the back of a bandstand looking stage/room. I had never been in the shop and it was getting to be closing time. Seems...
  3. bern1

    Alternate pickups for Comins GCS-1

    Hi all, I bought this guitar a couple of years ago. It is a chambered single cut ES Les Paul shape with a center block. The guitar is very fat sounding even acoustically. With the original Kent Armstrong heavy wound pu's it was even fatter plugged in. Hard to coax treble out of in fact...
  4. bern1

    Pickups for a Comins GCS-1

    Hi all, I've had this GCS-1 since it was new. The guitar has huge frets and is pretty dark sounding acoustically. The original pickups were Kent Armstrongs wound really fat and the guitar had a huge fat tone, but was treble deficient. I think it is made in the Epiphone factory, the lead pu is...
  5. bern1

    1956/1957 Les Paul Model conversion for sale

    Gibson Les Paul Model, 1956 original stop tail/ABR-1 guitar, no breaks or Bigsby holes, original gold finish, a PAF installation that could be improved upon, refretted, planed fingerboard, original 1/2" stop bushings replaced with original 1959 1" bushings and period correct original long stud...
  6. bern1

    Amigos Bay Area Show

    Who's going? I just moved to the Bay Area and will be there tomorrow. I'll have a Tilley hat and a blonde Hawaiian shirt with blue palm trees. Would love to meet some of you up here! Cheers, Bernie
  7. bern1

    New hotrod amp

    A Hammond AO 35 reverb unit out of an organ, I converted it to an 18 W Marshall "Lite IIB" circuit, I call it the "Gammatron."
  8. bern1

    Comins GCS-1 in Autumn Burst

    My "burst-killer"....not quite as pricey as a Gustavsson, plywood top, weighs 7 1/4 lbs and sounds superb, my go to humbucker guitar for gigs
  9. bern1

    correct lubricant for Klusons?

    Hi all, I haven't put any lubricant on Klusons in over 30 years. Recently one of the tuners on my Strat is sticking in a huge way. What is the modern consensus on this? What is the best lubricant to use? Used to be put a drop of 3 in 1 and call it done....nowadays? Thanks in advance. Bernie
  10. bern1

    Could this happen with old Les Pauls?

  11. bern1

    Best early Marshall 4x12 w/ 20w greenback replica?

    I'm jonesin' for a single 4x12 replica early Marshall top slant cab. I'd like to put the closest thing to the early greenbacks in it that I can. I'd also like the project to be semi affordable, whatever that means of course. Scum is advertising paper voice coil versions, but 4 of them are...
  12. bern1

    What amp is Sean Costello playing

    on this track: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5E2f2GIHu0 Looks like it could be a tweed Super?
  13. bern1

    A young Mick Taylor with the Bluesbreakers

    playing a sunburst through a block logo head and script log 4x12. These are crappy Polaroids given to me in 1968 by somebody who was at this gig. I thought they may be of some historical significance on this forum. Hard to see any detail about anything though. Last one is not guitar...
  14. bern1

    Lighting it up....56/57 GT content

    Whenever I've wanted to play a Les Paul for the last 30 plus years, this guitar gets the call. Experimenting with the camera trying to "activate" the checking patterns in the morning light, hope you enjoy the view: Last one, not so much checking detail, I just like the pic:
  15. bern1

    new horse in the barn....vintage 335 content

    I sold one of these a long time ago and it was really the only guitar I've regretted selling....figured now was a good time to pull the trigger and get another one.... The guitar is a 63 with patent number pickups. It's a very deep red color, fairly unfaded and it was very difficult to...
  16. bern1

    Correct glue for inlays on early 60's

    block inlay ES 335? Raising inlays. I've seens comments on this in other threads. Some say super glue, white glue, Duco. Dan said he might repair it with hot hide glue. 6 of the 9 inlays are in varying states of raising up. It appears then that the glue is failing and that the right thing...
  17. bern1

    PAF second decal version?

    Hi all, Reading through the PAF section of the FAQ's on this site, I saw that it seems that the "3rd generation" PAF's (those with shorter magnets and preset cutoff of the wire length) also have a slightly different decal than the 58-60 PAF's? I did a search but could not find anything. Are...
  18. bern1

    Jeff Beck's Les Paul on Rock'n'Roll Party

    I just watched the DVD. On a few songs he plays what looks like a '60 tomato soup Les Paul Model. Kind of hard to see any details but it looked to me like the guitar had some checking. Wondering if it's the real thing, anybody know? Hadn't seen him with one of those before and it doesn't...
  19. bern1

    Les Paul related, Original Dallas Rangemaster

    on the bay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=270510489387 I don't personally subscribe to the idea that Clapton used one with his Les Paul but some people do and here is one. It seems to be real but I am absolutely no expert. Isn't somebody making these?
  20. bern1

    Motorboating in Tremolux tremolo circuit

    I was hoping somebody might be able to point me in the right direction. This was mentioned briefly on the other Tremolux thread but can anybody tell me where to start? The problem is that when the tremolo circuit is engaged I can not turn up the intensity or the speed to any useful level...