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  1. Musicman

    New Gibson Les Paul Standard Iced tea reviews (50s neck)

    There's noticeable differences between every guitar. It's if it's that noticeable to you that matters.
  2. Musicman

    NGD - Slash Les Paul Standard

    Inlays aren't centered? :unsure: Anyways congrats!
  3. Musicman

    NGD: LPR7 Darkback.

    Nice congrats!
  4. Musicman

    Historic Makeovers NGD

    Great pics congrats!
  5. Musicman

    Vintage Les Paul and Burst Weights

    Very nice as usual Mike!
  6. Musicman

    Why is a post 2013 Historic better than earlier years?

    They made some changes that got them closer to how they use to make them. Whether that's better or not is up to the person buying them but they are getting closer.
  7. Musicman

    New member and new to LP

  8. Musicman

    59 reissue vs. standard 60’s

    As they've said get out try them. If all the specs of a '59 matter to you then check them out. If not you can find a Standard and be perfectly happy.
  9. Musicman

    Anybody Heard of a Gibson LP Standard 50s in Honeyburst?

    If you want to make the right decision make sure you like. Who cares what color it's called.
  10. Musicman

    My Current Les Pauls

  11. Musicman

    Which LP?

    Traditional's are nice!
  12. Musicman

    NGD 2020 R8

  13. Musicman

    New Les Paul Custom or Used?

    Doesn't look like a custom but hey congrats!
  14. Musicman

    NGD! 60s Les Paul Unburst

    Nice! You may want to oil that fretboard too.
  15. Musicman

    NGD yesterday; 2016 Standard T Fireball

    Sweet, fire burst it is!
  16. Musicman

    Humble Pie 1971.

    That's when music was great!(y)