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  1. bern1

    Joe B. at Red Rocks 2021

    Nice Charlie, thanks for posting. I love seeing Joe in what looks like a modern sort of Nudie outfit. Different than the evening jacket.
  2. bern1

    '65 ES-335s......How Many Stop-Tailpiece Models Shipped?

    This is happening in a lot of collectible/investment areas, not just guitars. Put simply, there is a ton of money being printed and it all goes somewhere. The question is, who wants to be walking the beach holding the bag while the waves are receding just before the tsunami?
  3. bern1

    Current bursts for sale...

    As prices go up and time rolls by, more choice items appear for sale. This happens in all areas of collectibles. Last month I attended a couple of auctions at Pebble Beach in Monterey during car week. Talk about money, that scene puts things like guitars in a whole ‘nother light!
  4. bern1

    John McLaughlin's Les Pauls

    Just goes to show once again that the actual guitar doesn’t matter as much as the player….. But sure I clicked on this thread as well, always been a fan of IMF JM. That Bitches Brew was recorded on a flat top guitar with a soundhole pickup is amazing if true…..though I have not listened to it...
  5. bern1

    Joe B rockin a 1960 new style Les Paul Standard

    That was a rousing Crossroads!
  6. bern1

    I had an interesting chat with a Lady who sold bursts in the 50s and is still at it ......

    I’m trying to get to a simpler place myself. Easier said than done for me….
  7. bern1

    Jimmy McCulloch—the sad ending of his guitar playing tenure

    I saw Jimmy with Stone the Crows. His playing was great.
  8. bern1

    1959 Les Paul Guitar Player Magazine 1982

    The early 80’s….. what a fun time!
  9. bern1

    Some weirdness going on with this 1953 Les Paul Goldtop?

    Famous words: “I heard.” Maybe there’s a story?
  10. bern1

    Gold Top Conversion

    That clip of Sean Costello is still stunning. As J45 said some years ago on this forum, Costello had a great set of hands.....indeed!
  11. bern1

    Gold Top Conversion

    Yes, at this point in time, I would say that is a wise choice. The fact is, we have a lot more viable choices now than we used to. It’s all up to what you are looking for in the purchase.
  12. bern1

    Gold Top Conversion

    Actually, it is the OP asking about the choice between a 54GT and a conversion in this case. As I’m sure you know, there are highs and lows on either side. He didn’t mention a 57GT.
  13. bern1

    Compare 50's P90's vrs PAF's

    Your best bet is to go play some and see what YOU like.
  14. bern1

    Gold Top Conversion

    To the OP: an original guitar such as a stock wrap tail Goldtop will always have a preference edge over a modified guitar such as a conversion in my mind. I think you will find here that conversions are an area where you need to tread carefully. There are different categories of conversions...
  15. bern1

    Untouched since 1964 les paul 1959 burst find. in near mint conditioin.

    It is certainly possible that such a find can occur. Meanwhile, it’s probably a good practice not to feed the trolls. They love it when people go overboard either with disbelief or complete enthusiasm for the “new find.” They surely find it amusing to see how what they are doing seems to...
  16. bern1

    has there ever been a Historic with this wild a Maple top ?

    It is certainly striking. Awesome is an overused term but apt here. Not sure I want it on the top of one of my guitars though......might take the attention away from my playing........ha ha...
  17. bern1

    Untouched since 1964 les paul 1959 burst find. in near mint conditioin.

    This shit’s like catnip to a feline. I keep coming back here to see........what?
  18. bern1

    Do you think guitar music will ever be great like it was from 1954 to 1979?

    Will there ever be another time with a Django Reinhardt or Oscar Aleman? Or Clarence White and Tony Rice? Prince? Another time with Armstrong, Beiderbecke and Berigan? Another Ellington or another Mozart? While we’re waiting, I’ll take H.E.R. And others like her, making real original...
  19. bern1

    What the British & The Irish bring to the picnic....

    I remember as a young lad making my way to London from the backwaters of southwest Germany on school break during the summers of 1969 and 1970 to check out the music scene. Rory Gallagher, Blodwyn Pig and Steamhammer at the Marquee. Aynsley Dunbar at the Roundhouse. Many others, famous then...