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    Mystery T-Top- Help ID!

    Does it resemble some Schaller PAF in any way? I think that's what came stock on this Heritage. It also came with that horrible bridge with the little rectangular block string retainer things. I don't think I ever went about identifying the neck pickup, but it was all black.. Maybe this guy...
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    Mystery T-Top- Help ID!

    Yeah, I do remember it sounding pretty good. I'll put it in my SG and see how it goes! Thanks.
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    Mystery T-Top- Help ID!

    I've thought about that. What looks un-Gibson? Did any other manufacturers have bobbins with Ts imprinted on the top? Maybe it's some type of weird Frankenstein homemade thing.
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    Mystery T-Top- Help ID!

    https://www.lespaulforum.com/index.php?media/img_4665-jpg.24/ https://www.lespaulforum.com/index.php?media/img_4668-jpg.25/ https://www.lespaulforum.com/index.php?media/img_4673-jpg.27/ https://www.lespaulforum.com/index.php?media/img_4671-jpg.26/
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    Mystery T-Top- Help ID!

    Posting now, sorry I'm really bad at using this forum. I live under a rock...
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  10. Unknown T-Top

    Unknown T-Top

    Photos of a T-Top I pulled out of a Heritage
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    Mystery T-Top- Help ID!

    This is my first post! Years ago my father picked up a second hand Heritage H150CM for cheap at our local Guitar Center. It came with a zebra T-Top in the bridge.. Overall the guitar definitely saw a lot of action.. Anyway we swapped out the T-Top for a SD '59 we had lying around, and the...