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    thinking of selling stuff...

    I have a bunch of misc 50s LPs i'm thinking of selling. i'm not quite there, but it's getting really close to time to get off this stuff... you guys should probably convince me to keep... or sell... i'm on the fence but it's clear, at this point in my life, i won't be a rock star. so i'm...
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    Joe & Mike in DTW

    They stopped by to say hello and play some pinball. Very nice gentlemen. Thank you good sirs! http://youtu.be/ZpcbZV2eCnk
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    Where to get a good reissue wrap tail?

    I bought a 1961 Epiphone Coronet and like a Les Paul Junior or 1953-1955 Les Paul, it uses a wrap-around style tailpiece. Unfortunately it has a "bad ass". Errr. So i need a smooth nickel wrap tail with two nickel studs. Is there any place that sells decent reissues of these? (I don't need an...
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    Daddy want...

    http://toledo.craigslist.org/msg/3195291091.html WOW. can't figure out if it's a photoshop thing, or real.
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    1969 GT

    I know it's probably not appropriate for this forum. (But this is the only one i can post to.) i do find the 68/69 gold tops (copies of a 1956) somewhat interesting. This particular model has all the good stuff (p90 pickups and one piece neck and body), but has the larger peghead. guitar is...
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    JP and Jack White, never seen this, i like it

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rl9iS2egnC0&NR=1&feature=fvwp don't know if this was posted before, saw it on another forum. looks very interesting!
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    1942 SJ rosewood

    Possible one of the first SJ's. Notice the peghead logo, and bound fingerboard and skunk stripe.
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    A very early 1958 burst?

    any comments? (besides the refret & switch tip, pickguard is present but removed for this pic.) serial number 8 2135. i mean i'm having a hard time finding any issues. talk about an early serial number!
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    This Saturday need a Player - old LPs too

    If you are in the detroit area, and would like a one hour "gig", please contact me. To make this "on subject", you can play one of my vintage Les Pauls for the gig too, if you want. 2pm Saturday July 12, northville michigan. gig is for 90 minutes. pay: not much if anything, but free barb-b-q...
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    My broken heart

    This is not my guitar. but i think the story is important, and should be documented. This 1959 sunburst was bought in Detroit in 1972. It was already refinished and re-necked (with a SG standard style neck, but with LP custom peghead ordaments). The guy gigged with it all through the 70s and 80s...
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    Max? '59' for sale

    I got an call from someone selling a "1959 les paul". They want a mear $400+ for it. I tried to explain to them i thought it was a "max". but they has some story how they got it from the original owner, and it was just appraised (don't know by who), blah blah blah. Serial number way too high at...
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    The one that got away

    I'm really down right now. a guy from southern CA contacted me with a nice burst. Actually i had been talking to this guy on-and-off for 6 months. but he got motivated and took it to guitar center and they offer a low 6-figure amount for the guitar. i told him, 'hey i can beat that offer'. but...
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    Christies Auction pumpin it up

    I got this email today. Man i can't believe Christies is telling people they are going to get $100 large for a trapeze 53 goldtop. Talk about pumping up the seller. Also sounds like he does a "trapeze act" to mute the strings! -------- I have a 53 Gold Top and I disagree with the assertion that...
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    1954 was a good year

    Bought it brand new in 1954. Played in church. i would have gotten the amp too free ("you could have it, but it was too heavy to get in the car.")
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    Sasquatch is alive

    Well, not quite, but kind of.
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    Good Day, Bad Day (the tale of 2 juniors)

    Today was a good day, today was a bad day. I received these two guitars in the mail today. One was a gem, one was a fem. Can you tell which one and why? Do you see the Ultimate Sin that I obviously missed when I purchased the guitar in question? And no it has nothing to do with the parts or...
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    Interesting Junior

    Well maybe not that interesting. but has the more squared edges, and has the 4 digit serial number (and small frets). All original. Chip out of the side of the peghead by the "D" tuner. Some fade, but not too bad. Really loud, as the strings are very close to the P90. Anyway my friend wants...
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    My New 1961 ES-355 & J-45

    Ok so i lied! Notice the pickups (PAF mini-hums). but they have surrounds because this guitar was original slated for NY style single coils. They ran out, put the surrounds around the surrounds, and installed PAF mini-hums. 1943 Banner J-45 (wrong tuners):
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    58 special pair

    I just picked up a 58 LP Special. And also picked up another 58 spec about a month ago. I'm not rich enough to keep both, so i have give one to a friend (NO you can't have it... it's already spoken for, please don't ask). My friend doesn't care which one he gets. In fact he's even willing to...
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    58 LP Special with black knobs

    Ok i took the gold sunburst style knobs off and put some black ones on. got the guitar from a guy that bought it in 1970. he said he played it like 3 times from then to now. he had a Badass bridge installed shortly after he bought it. I took the Badass off and put a junky non-original wrap...