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  1. Cliff Gress

    Spirit of Lake Michigan - Echopark

    I used to joke that the spirit of the big lake lives in all Kalamazoo Gibsons. Now it does again with Echopark guitars out of Detroit. Great story about old wood for today's guitars. https://echoparkinstruments.com/blogs/news Pure Michigan baby!
  2. Cliff Gress

    Esquire pickup recommendation and...

    I may be putting together an Esquire and seek advise on an pickup. Something not overly bright would be my preference. Also what do they call the part that holds the e & b stings on a Fender head stock? Thanks
  3. Cliff Gress

    Fenders like 9s?

    When I bought my only Fender, a road worn MIM, I immediately put on 10s. Now looking for another Tele I see they all sell with 9s. Do most Fender players use 9s?
  4. Cliff Gress

    Danelectro Stock 59 opinions

    I'm looking at these and wonder, do I bother? It is plywood, etc and very inexpensive, but has some fun features. Any thoughts?
  5. Cliff Gress

    Getting an Oops! we ran into some problem...

    When I use my old LP Forum bookmark I get the Oops message. I can click the Forum tab and get to where I normally got. New software did log me in properly. http://www.lespaulforum.com/finalframes/frameset.htm is the location under properties for the bookmark. Any help would be appreciated. Thx
  6. Cliff Gress

    Vox amps, built by mums

  7. Cliff Gress

    When did Custom Shop return to nitro?

    And did all of their product line get nitro, specifically the Firebird 1?
  8. Cliff Gress

    Guitar stand recommendation

    Can anyone point me to a guitar stand for a Firebird 1? I use Quik-Lok A frames but I don't think they will work for a FB.
  9. Cliff Gress

    "You look very nice today Mrs. Cleaver."

    RIP Eddie Haskell.
  10. Cliff Gress

    230v 50Hz Marshall amp ok to use in US?

    My JTM1C says 120v 60Hz. Will I need a step down converter or perhaps some sort of adapter to use a 230V 50 Hz Marshall here in Michigan? Thanks gents and Happy Easter.
  11. Cliff Gress

    Lefty Blackface - who knew?!

  12. Cliff Gress

    Talk about sex appeal

  13. Cliff Gress

    Fender Super Six

    I never knew these existed until I found one for sale on FB the other day. I'll keep my Princeton and spine.
  14. Cliff Gress

    Talk about top carve!

    This was posted on Gibson Custom FB. Rick Hinrichsen is the carver.
  15. Cliff Gress

    I miss fins

  16. Cliff Gress

    Weber DT-10 yes/no?

    Can anyone speak to this speaker?
  17. Cliff Gress

    Celestion speakers UK or China

    Are all Celestion speakers made in China except for the Heritage series? If not, does anyone know about the G10N-40 and G10F-15 found in the JMP1 and JTM1 50th anniversary amps respectively?
  18. Cliff Gress

    2061x replacement

    I sold my 2061x head and cab some time ago. I'm having sellers regret. Other than getting another 2061x is there another amp that someone could recommend that would sound similar but not as loud?
  19. Cliff Gress

    Old Gibson ad

  20. Cliff Gress

    Princeton half a Delxue Reverb?

    Is my Princeton BF reissue the same as the vibrato side of a BF Deluxe Reverb reissue? My inputs say instrument, vibrato on the DR. All other controls match.