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  1. SimonBarSinister

    New 60th Anniversary LP Issues:

    Sorry but we disagree... 1st off many people remove the pickguard when there is a beautiful top... People should have that option. In addition, there are no marks under my toggle switch nor the tuners etc.... I can give you an example of exactly what you are saying.... How is this... 4 months...
  2. SimonBarSinister

    Color question? Southern Fade

    I wondered that myself. I now have both and there is one distinct difference. The red and yellow are very similar but the BB has a darker edge color ...
  3. SimonBarSinister

    New 60th Anniversary LP Issues:

    See how the screw goes past the bolt? If you hit the pickguard when playing, which I do, it will gouge a hole in the top of the guitar. While it isn't the end of the world, it will hurt the resale value down the road (been there once before). It is one of the things I check on a new LP...
  4. SimonBarSinister

    New 60th Anniversary LP Issues:

    I purchased a new R9 and its the anniversary model... I was just curious if anyone else has noticed any of the issues below with theirs? 1) The pickguard profile is lower and on mine the screw is extending past the bolt and right into the top (not good) 2) When I check the electronics I have...
  5. SimonBarSinister

    🍎 are good! 1957 LP Standard Candy Apple Blue VOS NH🍎

    Its beautiful....... Please don't get me wrong... I love it...But the Custom Shop has changed the color. That blue looks completely different from the Candy Apple Blue LPs they have been selling for the last 2 years. Several dealers have these new guitars with this new Candy Apple Blue and to me...
  6. SimonBarSinister

    1992 Gibson Les Paul Classic Plus

    1992 Gibson Les Paul Classic Plus with fantastic flame. This guitar has not been heavily played. Frets are in fantastic shape (90%+) with very dark rosewood fret board. I have seen a lot of these and this one is in the best shape of any that have passed through my hands. The Rare Fuchsia has...
  7. SimonBarSinister

    Best and more collectible True Historic cc LP?

    If you are interested in a Donna I would suggest taking your time. I have seen a wide variety of tops. There are some really nice ones out there. The guitars themselves are fantastic. For that kind of money you want to get one that you really love ...don't settle. Gary's has a nice one. Its...
  8. SimonBarSinister

    Collecter's Choice "Donna" has a double carved top?

    My Donna is the best LP I have ever played/owned. The top has a 3D Flame none of my others have. Tone for days... Just a great guitar... I have some other great ones as well but the Donna is off the charts and as close to a real burst as I will ever get lol ...
  9. SimonBarSinister

    CC-34 Blackhurst Pickups

    Is it just mine or has anyone else noticed that the pickups in this model are off the charts fantastic? Mine are seriously powerful with no feedback and tons of thump. These are by far the best pickups I have ever played in any Gibson or any Historic. I usually change at least the bridge PUPs...
  10. SimonBarSinister


    Just picked up this totally original 1963 Fender 6G2 Princeton... Never owned a brownface. I love this thing. The amps sounds fantastic. Now I want a Brownface Deluxe It was made 2 months after I was born... Has the original 2 prong cord. I am going to get that changed. SBS
  11. SimonBarSinister


    New Norlin Guitar Day ... I was about to buy a Custom Shop 74 Reissue as most of the real 74's Customs I saw were all banged up....Then I came across this one at Gary's and purchased it. It is even nicer in person and it looks like someone bought it and played it for a couple of years and then...
  12. SimonBarSinister

    Donna 034 Heading Home to NJ

    I just fell in love with this guitar and had to have it.... Cannot wait to get my hands on it...
  13. SimonBarSinister

    Fender Antigua Stratocaster

    Vintage Fender Stratocaster in Antigua Finish w/ original case Player Grade 1979 Antigua Body with a 1984 Fender Stratocaster Neck. I have no idea why the original neck was replaced. Guitar has held the Antigua finish better than just about any other I have seen. No major issues or...
  14. SimonBarSinister

    Gen 1 Protector Case Question

    Happy holidays to all.. So in taking the advice of many on this board, I was able to score a Gen 1 Protector case. I wanted to ditch the huge anvil case I use when going to Europe for shows. I figured with the protector case I may be able to gate check it on the plan itself and if not it the...
  15. SimonBarSinister

    7 String Les Paul

    http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Les-Paul/Gibson-USA/Les-Paul-Classic-7-String.aspx I love it...Plus it doesn't have that stupid headstock inlay the 2015s have... This is a new LP I would be interested in.. Comes with Duncan's and NO ROBOT Tuners
  16. SimonBarSinister

    Is it me?

    Or is this a fantastic sounding JR? The player is great as well but I cannot get this tone out of my head...Is it the amp or the combination of all 3? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HT_OycmbdQU
  17. SimonBarSinister

    NGD Rusty Anderson 335

    Timing is everything...I was looking for a Rusty Anderson and there were only a few out there. So I called Wildwood and guess what came in right before I called??? 4 RAs... Lance sent this one today. Guitar plays and looks unreal... Love it... Neck is perfect and the pickups are great... Very 3D...
  18. SimonBarSinister

    2012 Les Paul Custom Replacement Tuners

    Can anyone recommend a drop in replacement for these god awful Grover tuners on my 2012 LP Custom? I don't know what changed, but these are awful. There is a ton a play in each one, they don't hold the tuning at all and in general feel nothing like the other older ones I have on a few LPs...Even...
  19. SimonBarSinister

    2013 Historic SG/LP

    Does anyone know if the 2013 Custom Shop SG/LPs will have the same upgraded appointments as the regular Historic LPs? 1 piece Rosewood Fingerboards, Under-wound pickups, hide glue; correct truss etc.. ? I have emailed the Custom Shop twice with no answer Thanks SBS