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    VIP? The Art of Tone? Emerson? Pots.... Or Other????

    I know... it's kinda been beat to death a million times. I'm looking for some advice on 500+k pots for a series of guitars I'm building. I do like the late 50's centralab taper thing for sure. I've been doing some digging and thought the choice might be between VIP and TAOT. Am I missing...
  2. Z

    ES-Les paul Premier?

    I’ve been looking and I can’t find anything that explains what the differences are, if any between the ES-Les Paul and the ES-Les Paul premier. does anyone know if there are any distinctions? Thinking about out picking one of these up as a self congratulatory Xmas present to myself for...
  3. Z

    Single p90 R4. Advice?

    An aged historic single p90 R4 popped up locally and I've been on the prowl for something like this for a while..... are these custom shop guitars? Is $3k a good price? Anything i should be on her lookout for? Thank you!!!!
  4. Z

    Vintage (1971 and 1972?) Celestion Speakers

    Ive got a pair of pretty cool celestials that I've got no real use for right now. Looking for confirmation on what I've got and what they might be worth. The speakers came to me in an upgraded 90's reissue jtm 45 buesbreaker combo. I kept the speakers when I sold the amp, and they have...
  5. Z

    1999 LP Deluxe ltd ed. $1400

    Here' the reverb link: http://rvrb.io/1999-les-paul-delu-dzy Wine red deluxe with a duncan antiquity in the bridge. All plastic swapped out for black with a 5-ply black pickguard (original creme plastic in original "California girl case"). Pro headstock repair (very minor hairline crack...