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  1. Cliff Gress

    Firebird Mods that Rock

    Nice looking Firebird. I'd love a FB1.
  2. Cliff Gress

    Two custom color SGs

    Beauties. I think a humbucker looks better without a ring.
  3. Cliff Gress

    Grace under fire....

    My positive thoughts are with you both.
  4. Cliff Gress

    Let's Talk Custom Shop

    That paisley is a beauty!
  5. Cliff Gress


    Since I have you here Todd, I miss your " The world needs a Marshall enema." tag.
  6. Cliff Gress

    Esquire pickup recommendation and...

    Thanks for the additional recommendations. I got some bodacious Fender amps OA!
  7. Cliff Gress

    Fripp weekly Soundscapes.

    Didn't know until now, thanks Paul.
  8. Cliff Gress

    Jethro Tull Live at the Capital Centre 1977, Martin Barre w/ 1959 Les Paul Standard

    Saw them in Frankfurt in 73. Anderson leapt from the side of the stage, landed on one foot and put his flute right on the tip of Barre's nose. They were outstanding.
  9. Cliff Gress

    Melody Maker Pickup Info Please.

    Sweet playing Leon
  10. Cliff Gress

    Spirit of Lake Michigan - Echopark

    I used to joke that the spirit of the big lake lives in all Kalamazoo Gibsons. Now it does again with Echopark guitars out of Detroit. Great story about old wood for today's guitars. https://echoparkinstruments.com/blogs/news Pure Michigan baby!
  11. Cliff Gress

    Nugent's TWO bursts up for auction

    Don't keep that ace up your sleeve too long. Old age doesn't last.
  12. Cliff Gress

    The "if you had a time machine" concert.

    Detroit was the best place for music growing up.
  13. Cliff Gress

    The "if you had a time machine" concert.

    MC5 KOTJ shows at the Grande Ballroom, Hendrix and Stones at Olympia, Goose Lake.
  14. Cliff Gress

    How do you deal with...

    I have experienced the same thing Paul!
  15. Cliff Gress

    Esquire pickup recommendation and...

    I may be putting together an Esquire and seek advise on an pickup. Something not overly bright would be my preference. Also what do they call the part that holds the e & b stings on a Fender head stock? Thanks
  16. Cliff Gress

    Making the Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop 2021 even better!!

    I was quoted $5,500 for a M2M Firebird 1 by the Music Zoo. Steep for a regular build with nothing fancy.
  17. Cliff Gress

    Fenders like 9s?

    Thanks gents. I thought there might be some magic with 9s. Pyramid 10s it is.