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  1. Progear

    NVG: ‘62 Olympic White Stratocaster

    This came to me today, couldn’t be more happy... seen on the web on Wednesday, made payment that evening, was shipped overnight and it arrived today.. :teeth
  2. Progear

    '56 Tele needs a refret, what size

    Just picked a '56 telecaster, the original frets are pre much shot, been dressed one to many times. Just no meat on the bones... which brand and more important what size do you experts recommend ? thank you
  3. Progear

    FS: 1954 les Paul P90 Pickups

    Available for Sale: 1954 Les Paul P90 Pickups w/cream covers. Excellent condition for there age and more important they sound amazing. Bridge is 7.99 ohms and Neck is 7.94ohms. I purchased this set from Jim @ Jamcity Guitars a few years back. Selling some of stuff to finance a vintage guitar...
  4. Progear

    Verification on '55/56 telecaster pickup

    Hey guys need some help, does this bridge pickup look correct for a 55/56 tele ? :hmm thanks in advance...
  5. Progear

    Joe B Concert Tonite, Yeah Baby

    I'm going to see Joe B at the Hershey Theater what nice venue.. I'm sure joe is going to blow the doors off this place and melt some chocolate with those HP Twins :spabout anyone else going ?
  6. Progear

    56/59 LP Conversion, HM Treatment, Revisit

    Hello Folks, Some of you may remember my conversion, i was never real happy with the color. So i sent her to Kim @ Historic Makeover to have her resprayed in an ice tea with slight relic/aging.. I'am extremely happy with the work Kim and the boys did, the service was impeccable, with photo...
  7. Progear

    NVGD, 1953 les Paul w/bigsby

    New addition to the family, 1953 les Paul, all original except for the bigsby and added selector switch ring.. According to the previous owner the bigsby seems to have been added in the late '50's. Original tailpiece stud holes are underneath the dogbone bridge. Untouched solder joints and...
  8. Progear

    NVAD, '58 Tweed Super

    Not real new, had her since december... back in December, my day at work started out a slow and an email came in from Guitar center and thought to myself i should check out there vintage section. I have been searching for a tweed super for some time and there it was of all places on the guitar...
  9. Progear

    Replace original speakers in vinatge tweed ?

    Hey guys, I purchased an original (except for two caps) '58 tweed super back in December, the tolex a little beat up but gives the amp some character. I have been playing it every day for the last 6 months with a weber attenuator with just slight attenuation.. So, today I plugin my Vic 50212...
  10. Progear

    Moderators ?

    Did we loss both BCRgreg and Dan as moderators ?
  11. Progear

    '68 Lp @ Guitar Center

    Just thought i would share... http://www.guitarcenter.com/Used/Gibson/Vintage-1968-Les-Paul-Standard-Solid-Body-Electric-Guitar.gc
  12. Progear

    The bomb !!!!

    IMHO: it doesn't get any better than this.. What a pair, all you're missing is the cord.. Dang Mike ...:dude:
  13. Progear

    NVGD - 1963 Es345

    NVGD - 1963 Es345 - UPDATED *** UPDATED *** First I want to thank everyone for there insight on a previous thread regarding '64 es335. after some research I discovered in order to get a'59 or a '64 es335 I would need more funds to reach my goal.. No biggie, I'll wait till that time.. well...
  14. Progear

    Why a '64 Es335 ?

    It seems to me that the most desirable year for a Es335 is from 1964. Why is that ? :hmm
  15. Progear

    Joe B's -3 king show

    Not sure where to post this.. anyone going the Joe B's - three kings concert this Friday in Camden, NJ.. ? this is will be my first Joe B concert.. My awesome wife gotta us some tickets for my bday.. Looking forward to a great show.. Rock on Joe.. :dude:
  16. Progear

    NVGD, 1965 RiFin stratocaster

    NVGD, 1965 ReFin Stratocaster Yesterday started out with a seller coming over to my home for me to purchase a 2013 es335, I had ask the seller to bring any other guitar he had to sale.. And this is what he bought over.. Hence to say I now own the start and not the es335. I'am out a few more $...
  17. Progear

    '68 serial numbers

    Why are there oddball serial numbers not in the 5xx,xxx range with '68 Lp's ? :hmm for example mine is 866,xxx
  18. Progear

    Going rate for '61 es335

    Just trying to get an idea what real world going price/value of a '61 es335' all original, small ding in front other wise all straight.. Thanx
  19. Progear

    NVGD: 56/59 Conversion

    i think i have come as close as i can in fulfilling one of my life long dreams, the ownership of a Real 58-60 Burst, put prices are not something i’am willing to pay for.. So, i found the next best thing a conversation, here’s the story On a Mid April Friday afternoon, i was skimming the...
  20. Progear

    '69 on the bay

    Black '69 on the bay... Starting bid 1.00 ... Seems interesting...:hmm