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  1. Wilko

    Deadspots after shimming

    Lower the neck pickup on that side. It’s the magnetic pull
  2. Wilko

    Hey it's Mat from Gibson Product Development - AMA

    No one's asked about the neck joints yet?! I'd love to know what the neck joint looks like on production Standard Les Paul and/or Traditional Standard Les Paul from, say, 2010 on?
  3. Wilko

    which Historic had the largest baseball bat neck ever ?

    I had a 2001 R8 with the fattest neck I've ever seen on a Les Paul.
  4. Wilko

    Pat Pickups (T Top or Earlier) Help IDing

    That is a Pre-T pat number pickup. early to mid 60s these were made. Plastic lead is not common. Under 7 is a real low number for one of these.
  5. Wilko

    Help me date this Hondo?

    I had a Hondo II circa 1979. Tuner shafts won't work well with regular knurled knobs. I changed my pots and got new knobs with set screws. I loved the neck on mine as did the guy who bought it! The logo on yours was used in 1980 and later. more info...
  6. Wilko

    Help with info for 69/70 Les Paul?

    Hard to say the exact year as someone went through a lot of trouble trying to make look like a burst. Top is most likely a veneer. rounded over edges and the fact that it's a center seem on a pancake body. Headstock is deffinitely messed with. sides trimmed in without bothering to move the...
  7. Wilko

    Inherited a Rolex. Does Anyone Know About Them?

    Here is what Rolex does to that watch: https://www.hqmilton.com/timepieces/9396e23n/1968-rolex-submariner-5513-with-service-dial-and-hands-9287 totally ruined. Wrong dial, wrong hands. Wrong bezel. Imagine if your Les Paul came back from Gibson refinished
  8. Wilko

    Inherited a Rolex. Does Anyone Know About Them?

    Do NOT. Let Rolex touch it. They will replace visible parts and ruin the vslue
  9. Wilko

    $704k for Brian Jones's '68 Gold Top

    Ganzler stripped the parts off and was calling it a “husk” when he sold it to SoloDallas. I passed on it.
  10. Wilko

    Do we like 1974 Les Paul Customs?

    I've had a bunch of 70s stuff. For a custom with 70's specs, it's hard to to beat 70-74-ish. Mahogany neck, no metal bushings under the bridge, Decent neck joint. Enjoy!
  11. Wilko

    Help!! What do I have here?

    That pickup has the extra holes in the bobbin. Could a PAF. If so it's worth more than the guitar.
  12. Wilko

    What is going on with this LP Custom Headstock?

    That corner of the headstock was broken off and repaired. Possible top stripped.
  13. Wilko

    NGD: 1951 L-4C in Factory Black

    I love that guitar! I do have an early 60's L-4C. Always a fan of the ES-175 size and appointments. Love having one with carved spruce top and floating pickup! a little clip that , IMHO, catches the great voice of the L-4C
  14. Wilko

    How Gibson can perfect pickup rings for GOOD, (and how to perfect your pickup rings)

    It's a non-issue for sure. The pickups rings as designed and made for well over 60 years on the most valuable electric guitar in the world. There's something wrong with them?! And the knobs? if you're OCD, that's no excuse. Wouldn't you want them all at the same height relative to the mounting...
  15. Wilko

    $704k for Brian Jones's '68 Gold Top

    as a side, stones related: This les Paul pictured is a crown inlay 1968 with a veneer top!
  16. Wilko

    $704k for Brian Jones's '68 Gold Top

    "I valued it at $ 2500,00" '68's haven't been that cheap in over 20 years.
  17. Wilko

    Do Scammers use Reverb?

    That all makes sense from a business standpoint. Using Reverb and other person to person buying selling services, this has never been a problem for me. All international buyers that I have sold to disclosed up front and acknowledged their liability. none have question any items and all...
  18. Wilko

    Do Scammers use Reverb?

    It's not a scam to want to buy something from seller who doesn't want to ship international. The seller is not inconvenienced in any way. What's the problem?
  19. Wilko

    Historic Murphy lab or Vintage .... try to guess

    A has a replaced fretboard. The binding and inlays are NOT vintage.