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  1. 59Vampire

    NGD 2021 R9 Lemonburst VOS - PICS ADDED!!!

    That is gorgeous. Enjoy it. Pickguard is my choice.
  2. 59Vampire

    R7 before and after Fret Doctor

    Before I apply Fret Doctor i use some Formsbys and clean the board very well. Then in a couple of hours I use the Fret Doctor. Same as what was mentioned. Rub in a few drops with my finger, wait a little bit and buff off. My board is dark so i dont need to over do it.
  3. 59Vampire

    Amps you sold but should have kept

    Lots of cool amps mentioned here. Mine might get a bit of a laugh. I sold a Danelectro DM25, my first real tube GUITAR amp to a very nice guy in Texas if i recall properly. He made high end pedals. That amp was "garage" all the way. sold it to finance another purchase because i had already...
  4. 59Vampire

    So how about a video

    Sounds awesome. I always dig EL84s and Les Pauls.
  5. 59Vampire

    I bought my first Gibson 1959 Historic Les paul last week!!! But...

    Mr. Park, I hear you loud and clear. A very expensive guitar and then a ding. Everyone here is correct. Let it go. As you play it it will develop its own character. Its like the first ding on a new car in the supermarket parking lot. It sucks. But then you just drive home. Drive home Mr. Park...
  6. 59Vampire

    My first encounter with a 59 CS

    Sounds like you found a keeper in the guitar area. Amps? Well that there is a dang different rodeo. I personally dig an EL84 beast of an 18 watt TMB, Vicky Double Deluxe 6L6 with a Smooth n slim, and for the trifecta a Tech 21 T30 ( formerly a T10). Each one a match made in heaven for a pair of...
  7. 59Vampire

    Hi Guys My first gibson historic 1959 les paul!

    Just look for tips from Uncle Lou. Tone x 1000. Sorry. I couldn't resist. they do look nice though. I agree with the the dude who said to wait because once you have gone down the rabbit hole, everything changes. Have you tried any good NOS tubes lately? that's a hole worth getting buried in.
  8. 59Vampire

    New York members- who owned my guitar before me?

    New York members- who owned my guitar before me?-PIC posted So I'm taking a close look at my guitar and im wondering about the finish checking being all spider webby and began to think about who had it before me. it's a 98 9 81xx. Stamped r8 in cavity. Was a cherry burst but has since faded...
  9. 59Vampire

    1998 historics more accurate than 2013

    In terms of inaccuracies:rofl Hah. Got ya. Of course they aren't. The inlays are wrong, they are double stained to enhance flame the bridge pup is slightly off, a gap in the pick guard. But, since its my only one and can not afford another I have to put my spin on it. That's why it is far...
  10. 59Vampire

    6V6 info needed

    I have a vicky 5e3 that i did a ridiculously exhaustive tube eval on a few years back. Im starting to think that my power tubes are on the way out. Whats the deal with the blue glow at the base of the tube? I am so used to blowing up EL84s that I never noticed any blue. I know this has been...
  11. 59Vampire

    How to care for/moisturize a vintage Lfton case that is dried out

    Ok so I got a vintage Lifton case off ebay for 100 bucks!!! However, its for a saxophone! I thought my kid would dig it!. The case is a bit dry what can I use to protect it and add some moisture to it? Sorry for posting this here but this is the only place I thought I would get a response...
  12. 59Vampire

    Bad Cat Mini 2

    Just scored one of these and so far its been a pleasure. Real nice clean tone that likes pedals although im not a big fan of them and dirty gives me a nice usable tone. The only master volume amp in my collection, it can get quite gainy. This one has the 12 inch speaker and its heavy! Heavier...
  13. 59Vampire

    50s Wiring Diagram question concerning the " pot to pot" wire

    In the diagrams they do not show a wire being soldered from the volume to the tone pot yet I have seen numerous pictures of actual guitars that have a silver unshielded wire soldered from the base of the tone to the base of the volume pots. What is this for and why? Can any wire be used for...
  14. 59Vampire

    Gibson lite wt. Tail Piece- any tell tale marks to determine authenticity?

    I picked up one of these used and based on trust its supposed to be Gibson. any sure way to tell?
  15. 59Vampire

    Wired ABR question

    I think the rattle I hear is from the wire. Instead of buying a new bridge, what would happen if I simpley removed the wire? As long as there are stringsa on the guitar, it should be fine correct?
  16. 59Vampire

    Caps for PG mod- suggestions on values

    I have a set of Throbaks and due to the generosity of Cooljuk, im gonna try and do it myself. I have a set of .22( or o.22 the right ones! ) and have on .15 . All are vintage Vit Qs. I have read that people have like the .15 but I do not know why. I have rs super pots and will be doing the...
  17. 59Vampire

    VHT handwired head for 200- anyone have one?

    ANyone have one of these babies? I had a Class 5 and do miss it yet dont know if I can justify the 4 bills. I like EL84s but the 2oo dollar tease( same for the vox ac4 head) are making me curious. Especially since I have a ton of single 6v6s lying around! Tonal report on what these things sound...
  18. 59Vampire

    VHT handwired little head and combo

    Saw this postedin the EE Class five thread. I know its from the new restructured VHT but a handwired head low watts for 2 bills? Could this be the next gotta have it amp? I had a class five loved it but had to sell for cash flow. Then Ithought about the AC4 due to the attenuation but tis is a...
  19. 59Vampire

    Brimar 6v6s in 5e3 circuit-opinions

    Just came a cross a pair of these and will not have time for atleast a few days to check them out. Can someone give me some tonal reports on what to expect? Im used to GE in this amp. These are brown based black glasss mil version. Thanks