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  1. Amp360

    Finally Got my 1949 Fender Deluxe Back!

    Who cares? It sounds good. I don’t really care about the internet foolishness.
  2. Amp360

    Finally Got my 1949 Fender Deluxe Back!

    Well the reason I had the guy add the speaker jack is so I can use other speakers/cabs with it. Honestly, I'm a player so I don't really care to spend time changing things or comparing different little bits. At the end of the day if I spend the time I would spend swapping practicing my toan will...
  3. Amp360

    Fender has Thermometer cases

    Sadly it makes perfect sense. FMIC is in the business of buying iconic names and slapping them on the cheapest junk they can make. People complain about Gibson but at least you can’t get an import Gibson guitar.
  4. Amp360

    How do you feel about the Noel Gallagher limited edition J150 acoustic guitar?

    It’s a cool guitar. I would think there may be 150 oasis fans out there to sell them out. It’s nice they didn’t make it so unique that the non oasis fan wouldn’t buy one if they liked it,
  5. Amp360

    Finally Got my 1949 Fender Deluxe Back!

    Yeah basically I wanted the option to use it with my Ox. Plus I’m one of those weirdos that mismatches speakers and power tubes all the time 😛
  6. Amp360

    Finally Got my 1949 Fender Deluxe Back!

    Yeah, that's all Greek to me but it sounds pretty massive. I have some Tweed amps that are a little newer. This one is def its own animal!
  7. Amp360

    Jcm900 in Purple

    Musicians Friend or Veheman's sold those in purple, red and white for a while. I just had smaller mom and pop stores near me at the time but maybe the Manny's, Sam Ash, GC type stores had them in stock in colors.
  8. Amp360

    Finally Got my 1949 Fender Deluxe Back!

    So basically about 12 or 13 years ago I bought this 1949 Fender Deluxe on ebay for $425. I bought it on Thanksgiving night and was the only bidder. It showed up a couple days later on the Saturday after Black Friday in a box with no packing material and the power tubes had fallen out and...
  9. Amp360

    Anyone going to the Northeast Guitar Show tomorrow?

    Cool. I ended up getting hung up so couldn’t make it. Glad it happened!
  10. Amp360

    Anyone going to the Northeast Guitar Show tomorrow?

    Cool man. A few years back I went to one in Connecticut which ended up to be more of a drive than it was worth from where I was staying at the time. I have nothing going on so figure it's a good way to kill a day. Good luck!
  11. Amp360

    Inherited a Rolex. Does Anyone Know About Them?

    Well I now have a box with all of the paper work and service records. It turns out it's from 1967. Also, there is a band in the box that I have been told is the original. I brought it to a local dealer to have it appraised and the guy told me 20k and that very few have everything with them. He...
  12. Amp360

    Anyone going to the Northeast Guitar Show tomorrow?

    I'm kind of guitar showed out after Dallas but I figure since I'm in the area for a few days I'll probably check it out and see how it is. Is anyone else going? https://northeastguitarexpo.com/
  13. Amp360

    Vintage Pedal Experts WTF is this? (Mosrite/EH Content)

    Well, I sold it for 4 figures to a guy who has asked me not to disclose who he was. I know he was in contact with Mike Mathews who verified what I was told. At the end of the day I'm happy it went to someone who is excited to have it and I made a little money as well. All's well that ends well :)
  14. Amp360

    J Geils 1958 Flying V

    Eddie Murray passed away. He was one of the best.
  15. Amp360

    Bought an ES-355 in Dallas Yesterday

    Well, I have to find one first!
  16. Amp360

    ES-330 Problem - Anyone have a solution?

    You can get conversion bushings to use the Klusons again. They’re pretty inexpensive iirc
  17. Amp360

    Bought an ES-355 in Dallas Yesterday

    Finally arrived! The action is a little low for my tastes and there were what I'm guessing are the original covers in the case. All in all I'm really happy with it. Just need to find a pickguard at some point. Just for fun I put it on my scale because I've been shipping a lot of packages...
  18. Amp360

    Seeking Epiphone LP custom Conversion advice

    I would just adjust the pickups as good as I could. The lower cost pickups (pickup fetish, etc…) are prob worse than what’s in there. Just enjoy it for what it is.
  19. Amp360

    Seeking Epiphone LP custom Conversion advice

    I did a conversion for someone about eight years ago. I took one of those Epiphone 56 LPs and converted it into a Gibson looking thing - new headstock, overlay, ABR-1, new inlays, new binding and a nice gold refinish. It was a fun project and it was a gift for a friend but the time it took was...
  20. Amp360

    Epihone Korina Exporer signed bu Bo Didley

    This is an Epiphone 1958 Korina Explorer model. The guitar was made in 2000 and was signed by Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Bo Didley in 2001. I used this guitar with Bo at a gig in 2001 and he signed it for me. He passed away in 2007. ++ Please see video below description ++ The serial...