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    NGD: Gibson Original Collection Les Paul Special Vintage Cherry

    7.5lbs. Huge neck. Just sings through a Marshall style amp. Best I can tell it has a one piece body. Overall quality very good. Acouple of the typical Gibson finish things in nooks and crannies inherent of hand made. Very subtle. Plays fantastic- no mods planned. EDIT: could always add the...
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    2020 ES-339 in action

    Playing is a little rough. This is a great guitar 7.0 lbs.
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    NGD: Direct from Gibson’s Website

    Took a chance on this as I used to have a 1992 Ebony Standard. Saw it on Gibson’s website and contacted some of the dealers that publish weights. They said they were only available direct from Gibson. https://www.gibson.com/Guitar/USA72L522/Les-Paul-Standard-50s/Ebony I really hoped it would...
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    Dirty mop used to apply VOS goop?

    I recently picked up a 2021 R7 Dark Back VOS finish. Guitar is fantastic, it just looks like someone laid the guitar on the floor and used a dirty mop to apply the VOS goop. Smeared and streaked all over everything except the fretboard. I will buff out eventually, but it’s just silly.
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    NGD: 2020 Les Paul Junior - Ebony

    Just arrived yesterday. I’m lovin’ it so far.
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    NGD: 2020 Gibson USA ES-339

    Delayed NGD, but here is a pic. It has settled in a bit + my personal setup tweaks = we might have a winner. I own two CS LPs, and while I would grab those first in a fire, this guitar is really quite nice. Pretty flawless fit and finish.
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    NGD: 2019 LP TV Model

    This guitar is a monster https://i.imgur.com/8BpwfuB.jpg i would like to pick up one of the cases they use for the USA Juniors. They would fit better.
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    NGD: 2019 USA LP Junior

    Picked up this basically new Junior from the emporium over at another forum. Sounds fantastic! Not changing any electronics on this one. Setup needs some work, but will get there. Love the neck profile.
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    NGD: Going for Gold

    Picked up this like new condition 2/14/19 inspection card R7. 8.3lbs. It’s a monster. Got a great price off TGP. https://imgur.com/a/M05seJu https://i.imgur.com/Gpk2krP.jpg
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    A bit of a stack

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    NAD: Germino Master Lead 55 (35)

    Germino Master Lead 55 in 20" head box, SS rectified only, with power and output transformers same as the Lead 35 amps. So mine is basically a Master Lead 35. You get the lower plate voltage the internet has been talking about and the ability to run a bunch of different output tubes without an...
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    Germino Lead 55 LV