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  1. Aloha_Ark

    1955 Les Paul Goldtop - Out of phase pickups

    S/N is 5 8274. The talented (and respectful) young guitarist Chris Buck demonstrates the middle position on the pickup selector, showing us what is probably more common than what we thought existed back in the 1950's, i.e., out of phase pickups. Now everyone will be checking their GTs to...
  2. Aloha_Ark

    1960 Gibson ES-335 (Blonde) with a floating ground lead

    https://reverb.com/item/34267668-gibson-es-335-natural-1960 My tech would fix that in place with gaffer tape. Guitar is overpriced by $20K. Guys always overpay for blondes, so who knows?
  3. Aloha_Ark

    Cork Sniffer Video

    Doug and Pat host a show on Cork Sniffing and come to the conclusion that Sound matters most to them, but not to many collectors. On this show, we get to hear Jayne, a 1960 burst, and she sounds wonderful. A number of useful tidbits for verifying the pedigree of vintage guitars were...
  4. Aloha_Ark

    Negotiating Sales Prices for Guitars

    This is a topic that has not been covered very deeply on youtube. Do you feel guilty about squeezing the last dime out of a deal? I guess I do, which is why I basically only bargain hunt on ebay and reverb. Both online auction sites are loaded with sellers who misrepresent gear, so the only...
  5. Aloha_Ark

    The Mysterious Bob and his Bungalow

    Bob is a collector with an incredible, virtually pristine collection of guitars. At the 35 minute mark in the video below, he chats about his 1958 Gibson sunburst, and later, he alludes to a ??? guitar that no one is supposed to know still exists (around 40:00 time mark). Bob is known to...
  6. Aloha_Ark

    Shot through the back

    "Shot through the back And you're to blame You give luck a bad name" https://reverb.com/item/32641799-gibson-es-355td-cherry-1965 Now we get to the mystery question. Is this just a bad repair on a fall, or did someone shoot a bullet at the rear? Trending down at $4840. At what point does it...
  7. Aloha_Ark

    Curated Re-Tubing Kit

    Interesting one stop shopping: https://www.stewmac.com/Pickups_and_Electronics/Amp_Kits_and_Parts/Tubes/Replacement_Tube_Sets/Ultimate_Curated_Tube_Set_for_Fender_Deluxe_Reverb_Black%20Panel.html I suppose this saves time surfing Ebay for the right complement of tubes, but how are good are...