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  1. renderit

    Why no guitars made with Hackberry Bush?

    Just thought I would get you to ponder the mysteries of the universe. An how aboot CHOKE CHERRY? HUH?
  2. renderit

    Oh what to do... what to do...

    ................................................................................................Simple Project? ............................................................................Replace some current so-sos? MONSTER CREATION?????
  3. renderit

    Why no talk of Bohemian Rhapsody? Go see it quickly!

    Went with my wife yesterday! AWESOME! I NEED AN AC30 and a Brian May Replica! Music throughout. GREAT movie. Lots of recording studio talk and action, famous flubs, the story behind some of the songs... I REALLY enjoyed it and will buy it when out on DVD and will CRANK IT UP!
  4. renderit

    DUDES! Some of you are gonna be in HEEEEEAVOOOOOON!

    Found this at CostCo™ yesterday! Some of you are going to be SO EXCITED! What will they think of next? It's like FRIGGIN' MAJIK!
  5. renderit

    NADTDABIWTBTP-New Amp Day Two Days Ago But I Was Too Busy To Post

    That used all the too's! I think I got it write... New amp. Badass. B&G Prototype. Only it's not as they are making 100 of them. This is Number 005. Did a world tour. The insides are all NOS parts. I have not removed the chassis yet, so I do not know what type. The amp is hard to put your...
  6. renderit

    Deadpool 2

    Saw it last night. Wasn't expecting it to hold up to the first one. The Princessa thought it was as good. I thought maybe better. They even did a James Bond beginning...Ren's 3 thumbs up. Wait...sorry. 2 thumbs up the other was a middle finger!
  7. renderit

    NAD-MGL 20 'The Sag Queen!'

    First off. Sag is : "a drop in the power supply voltage induced when the power transformer and/or recifier is hit hard". It is generally followed by a bloom of sound as things catch up. In a good case it is very musical and powerful. But it can be mushy and gross. Here is awesome sag...
  8. renderit

    NGD-330 Goin' To Memphis!

    Picked this up for a song the other day. Really. I called up Mr. Breazey and sung him a tune and he sent me dis! Then he said "Stop singing!". Then Krakens appeared off the coast of Alabama... This be a 2016 ES-330 1961 model with factory Bigsby. It is hugely LOUD when not plugged in on account...
  9. renderit

    Awesomeness in a can.

    I REALLY like this...
  10. renderit

    Anybody else's knobs cracking?

    I just noticed cracked knobs on several of my Historics. Anybody else having this problem?
  11. renderit

    Just in Case - If you've thought about a case...

    Hokay. I have a thread in the Other Gibsons section about the 58 RI 335 I bought where I was very unimpressed with the case. Here is the case: My issue with it is it has very cheesy latches that don't close well, feet haphazardly attached, and it is flimsey enough you have to tug it around to...
  12. renderit

    NGD - Ren's Good Eye

    So I'm sittin' the other day thinkin' "I wants me a gooder 335". I gots a few but they are "different" like me. I was also thinking "I need to get gooder skivvies because mine are binding." Then I thought "I need a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup." Then a light came on! Literally, my wife turned on...
  13. renderit

    Post pictures of the new Mitsubishi Eclipse!

    Everybody's talking about it so I guess it must be true! The Eclipse is coming back out and Mitsubishi is having parties all over to brag about it. The Millenials are making it some kinda "meme" event by selling sunglasses for it. Goofy assed kids! I gots some but you can't see chit through them...
  14. renderit

    I would buy your Bare Knuckle Mules, but there is no way to get ahold of you

    Interested at 225, but no PM permission or mail listed. Whoops! PM Me
  15. renderit

    If you are Chasing Bliss you might looky at deez.

    I got some funky pedals mainly because they intrigued my one synapse that is left. I have many on the right but that's another story. So, I don't use my pedals a lot but sometimes I just gots to play with a sound in my head and I need them at times for that because there is a lot of echo up...
  16. renderit

    BOOK meet COVER

    Gal rocks. Friggin awesome! Nuff said.
  17. renderit

    My kinda pedal and my kinda review...

    Without further aDoo...
  18. renderit

    WTB: Correct Bumblebees for 58-59 LP's

    I need at least one but would prefer 2 Bumblebees .22 uF. Also Black Beauties would work. Would like both and up to 2 of each to try. I only want good units within reasonable drift ranges of .02 say and only the correct units for Gibsons. Don't want Mylar (Paper in oil with filler tube only). I...
  19. renderit

    NAD 'o rama - It's gots da sound ob deeems! And Peanut Butter Cups!

    So I found this out there. Didn't know much aboot 'em, but seez da tweeds an 15 inches of behemoth tone and sez "Why knot?" Have not seen many around sos I figure "Ren, callz up dos guys in Chicagoland and makez da DEEEEALZ! What ave you gots to lose?" Sos I calls 'em and says "I'm Ren. Gibs me...