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    A Rare One....

    For your viewing pleasure....a Premier Md. Super 88 circa 1960. Yes, it does ‘Rumble’ exactly when on depresses only the high frequency tone selector...the white tab on the far right... and use the tremolo! There are many other sounds available there, as well. 2 x 6560s cathode biased. It came...
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    Gibson J160E...case?

    Does the 160E require a special case to accommodate the height of the pots/knobs?
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    ID Marshall MD. 1959....early '68 or late '68/1969 amp?

    Thanks for viewing.
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    1954 ES-125

    Hmmm....I wanted to share my new Gibson with ya'll.... Original softshell case...no fret wear, no marring of the finish in any way, adn complete with hang tags and teh payment contract that this $140 purchase to two previous store account to total $326 and change. Her father agreed...
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    Thoughts on these pickups???

    I'm wondering what ya'll see here.
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    1966 ES-345TDC

    I bought it new in 1967.....I traded in a white ?1962? Les Paul Jr. and owed a balance of $400. I paid that out in 10 weeks at $40 per week....$285 or so in today's money every week. 16 years old...washing and greasing cars.
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    Here is an 'Other Gibson'....Korina, Korina....

    Gotcha! ....not a V or Explorer.....This is a great straight 8 doucle neck steel guitar' form 1957. You may have seen Joe Perry play one just like it in concert...I know he used one in San Antonio years ago. I was staring at the girls and the stars in the sky during along lapse between songs...
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    boogie on.....
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    ES-345/355 wirign harness

    I need a complete wiring harness for a 1969 ES-355TDC. Any help is appreciated.
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    WTB.....ES345/355 harness

    Needed for a 1969 ES-355TDC.....complete harness with Varitone and inductor...or just the VAritone and inductor part m inus the pots. Any help is appreciated.
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    1966 Kitchen-Marshall JTM45 for sale

    Well, alright then.... Will it bring the asking price?? http://www.ebay.com/itm/MARSHALL-JTM-45-1966-RARE-KITCHEN-GREEN-SMALL-BOX-EL34-50-WATT-PLEXI-WHITE-PANEL-/121305072209?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1c3e588251 I'm certainly not in the market for it, but such an amp would be rare.
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    1972 GT Deluxe

    Question on this one.....it is a '72..no doubt. Was there ever a time when Gibson did not put the Les Paul singature on the headstock? This one is blank and the headstock definitely has not had a repair of a bad break which might have destroyed the 'Les Paul'. Any help is appreciated.
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    ???VAlue of low profile ABR-1's, late '50's knobs???

    Okay, I have seen an ad for a lo-profile bridge where the seller wants $850 for a lo-profile ABR-1 without saddles. That's is a premium price, I am thinking. I have the bridge that fits a certain unbound 1958 ES-335 that I bought and sold earlier this year. The selling price was adjusted for the...
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    Joe Walsh, EAgles and the Norlin Les Paul

    So, I was watching 'The History of The Eagles' last night. There is Joe Walsh wailing away on a Norlin-era Les Paul. This is another testament that not all Gibson electrics from that era are bad guitars....as we all know. I have yet to play a Norlin-era Gibson acoustic that I would buy...except...
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    Stolen: 1977 L.P. Standard in Lubbock, TX

    One of my customers was robbed of his long time #1 guitar. It was all they took from his home, so they knew what they wanted, right? 1977 Les Paul Standard, cherry sunburst, serial number 72797501. The back of the neck is bare from headstock to body from playing wear. IF seen, any help in...
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    Very late '58 PAF bobbin color ID??

    These are the first PAF's I have had in my hands out here in the wilderness, so I have a question on ID'ing the bobbin color. I understand that '59 is generally accepted as the beginning of zebras. Out of curiousity, I pulled two of the small Phillips screws out of each pickup. From an angle on...
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    Zebra PAF's from late '58???

    Is this unheard of? I am looking at an unbound neck '58 ES-335--sad shape--- with original electronics...and I swear I see white bobbins through the holes for the non-adjustable coil. I have little experience and provide.net gives the impression that '59 is the start date for white bobbins.
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    Case qeustion ??LEs Paul Recording/Triumph bass??

    HEllo, Friends. I am in need of a favor. IF anyone has a Les Paul Recording/Trimuph bass, could you let me know the dimensions if it is not too much trouble..or confirm that the measuremtns below are correct for this type of bass? I bought a number of empty Gibson cases recently, and one of...
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    Vintage Firebird pickups

    Does anyone have pictures of or information on vintage Firebird pickups? Was there ever a stamped 'Pat Pend' on the bottom of the Firebird pickup rather than the PAF decal? Any help is appreciated.
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    1960 SG TV Jr. inlay???/

    Where is the best source for a couple of MOTS dot inlays for my newly acquired '60 SG TV? I have a pre mid-1950 Gibson neck...likely from an L-48 or ES-125....19 frets, tapered headstock, silk-screened logo. The neck heel is broken and gone, and I could rob the inlays from it....but that...