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  1. Aloha_Ark

    J. Geils : RIP

    I saw the band at the Fillmore East. They played so loud, there was no one in the audience who could snooze through sets. Back in the good old days, we could regularly get 4 or more hours of music from several bands.
  2. Aloha_Ark

    Tone turds ....

    I agree with Al, philosophically speaking. It is an art getting an unforthcoming guitar to sound good. This is where the skill of the guitarist comes into play. Spend time with an amp and effects pedals to bring the right sound out of the instrument. Make sure you break the guitar in so that...
  3. Aloha_Ark

    Who's your favourite Australian guitarist?

    Orianthi, of course.
  4. Aloha_Ark

    Let's Talk Custom Shop

    Looking forward to getting a Fender MB Hendrix Prototype like the one in this video. Probably not from the same dude as above, but from an Ebay seller. May the transportation gods keep it safe on its way to paradise.
  5. Aloha_Ark

    "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" movie theme

    On the night a plane crashed into my neighborhood, I was watching the film, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. One of the compositions, The Story of a Soldier, brings back memories of pain and screaming. It was almost like the aftermath of a terrible battle. Morricone was a brilliant composer...
  6. Aloha_Ark

    Looking for Feedback on a couple weird Specials (DC prototype? factory refin?)

    The photo labeled lpf special 13 has a control cavity cover with 5 edges while the default is 4 edges, at least for 1961. Have the seller send pics of the inside of the control cavity. The pots codes may the only clue that a guitar is even close to an original. We can also look at the back of...
  7. Aloha_Ark

    How were factory installed Bigsby units grounded?

    If the treble post is the only point of contact for the ground, then it is an indirect ground to the Bigsby, which requires completion with one of more metal strings. Fine for nickel-steel strings, but what about Elixir Nanoweb strings?
  8. Aloha_Ark

    What the British & The Irish bring to the picnic....

    This brings back memories of merry old England. I must have lived there in another life. Around 1:07:00 Watson: "Things are looking up, Holmes. This little island is still on the map." Holmes: "Yes. This fortress, built by nature for herself. This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, ...
  9. Aloha_Ark

    Very cool reference material - vintage Gibson electronics, Kluson and Grover tuners!

    I would say yes, even though I do not own every example made in the 50's. Gibson ordered caps from numerous vendors. Sprague was the main supplier, but I've seen Astron and other brands. The fact that these are for a working voltage of 400 VDC is a sign that they were made in the vacuum tube...
  10. Aloha_Ark

    Untouched since 1964 les paul 1959 burst find. in near mint conditioin.

    To the current owner: hold on to the guitar until you consult with a tax attorney. Best possible outcome is for the guitar to be left in a will to your father's heirs. You get a step-up in basis, which can be an enormous tax saver. The less you post here about how you actually came to be in...
  11. Aloha_Ark

    Who sold more basses?

    Followup question: Who actually purchased a model of the bass that your favorite bassist played? I have a Gibson EB3 (Jack Bruce inspired) in mint condition and a Rickenbacker bass similar to Lemmy's. Once owned a vintage P-bass with similar specs to Sting's. No longer have that one. Pretty...
  12. Aloha_Ark

    What have you bought guitar-related in the last 48 hours?

    Got this from Amazon recently. With so many conflicting tasks on my plate, I haven't even plugged it in yet. Our dog threw up twice in one day, and he seemed to be scared of the construction outside the home. He does more barking in front of the TV than he does outside. I could make a million...
  13. Aloha_Ark

    Your Best Concert Ever?

    Too many to remember. Can't recall the exact dates. Allman Brothers Band - Fillmore East. The high lasted through the morning. This was music at its best, almost transcendental. Janis Joplin and Big Brother & the Holding Company - Fillmore East. Never had the opportunity to attend the first...
  14. Aloha_Ark

    Inherited a Rolex. Does Anyone Know About Them?

    Probably not too far off in his estimate. One on ebay with a better looking crystal is being offered for $28,000. As an executor, you can sell it wholesale or retail. Your responsibility is to properly account for its value. Do not let sentiment cloud your judgment, since it means the value...
  15. Aloha_Ark

    Do you think guitar music will ever be great like it was from 1954 to 1979?

    Great guitar sounds can be mesmerizing and addictive. While the number of new, technologically advanced guitars are few in number, the vast array of guitar pedals and processors is seemingly unbounded. I enjoy listening to Samantha Fish, Gary Clark, Jr., Kid Andersen and many other guitarists...
  16. Aloha_Ark

    50’s PAF. Real or fake?

    Below is a photo of the back of a real PAF on a 1959 Gibson guitar once owned by another LPF member. I am pretty sure it is genuine based on listening tests. I would be very wary of pickups without tool marks on the brackets. Such examples may exist, but their rarity would trigger anxiety in my...
  17. Aloha_Ark

    $704k for Brian Jones's '68 Gold Top

    Remarkably clean and unmolested guitar from that era. Serial number 505542 with dotted i logo. Need Moonweasel to check this out, since the first series where this fits is supposed to have a crown headstock overlay, not the Les Paul Model lettering. I wonder how much it weighs?
  18. Aloha_Ark

    Gibson offering $59k reward for late 1950's ledger

    I've never seen a ledger from any year, but at least someone at Gibson has finally allowed a representative to hold a book before the camera. Cesar is one of the managers, and he is holding the 1952 Gibson Les Paul ledger in the screenshot below. Time stamp is roughly 4:14. I would say...
  19. Aloha_Ark

    Who sells nylon 6/6 nut blank replacements for old 50s les pauls?

    Keep us posted. I wish I had a CNC machine with a diamond blade. Programming it to back off (to prevent overheating) would be an issue. Maybe a Katana sword would slice the nylon bone to the correct thickness. Stewmac has a carbide blade that is mounted to a drill press. That might work, or not?
  20. Aloha_Ark

    Who sells nylon 6/6 nut blank replacements for old 50s les pauls?

    Mojotone appears to be out of stock on the 6/6 nuts. Bartlett is still shipping these at $10 USD per nut blank. Has anyone tried Nylabone?