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  1. grimlyflick

    1960 Classic - Years of Manufacture

    It’s called Lightburst and was always mostly light brown’ish colour around the edges. It’s quite a bright photo which makes it look a little more yellow although it has faded a liitle too. I’ll try and find an older photo.
  2. grimlyflick

    What’s your most Basic simple rig ?

    Les Paul and a Jubilee. 😊👍
  3. grimlyflick

    1960 Classic - Years of Manufacture

    Can’t beat a good Classic. My 2004 Classic, not much left of the original spec. Only the poker chip and neck pickup ring remain from the electrics and hardware from when I got it new, but I love it. Its done loads of gigs, taken a hammering over the years and is still my no.1. 😊👍
  4. grimlyflick

    Happy Burstday Richard Fortus

    How strange there are 9 pages of waffle on another thread from a bogus member, but no-one has anything to say about a real burst. 🤔
  5. grimlyflick

    Happy Burstday Richard Fortus

    Another photo from Richard’s Facebook, anyone know which burst this is?
  6. grimlyflick

    Marshall 2555X's

    Is that a 2x10 snakeskin red Prosonic at the back? I had one of those, sounded great but was so unreliable.😩
  7. grimlyflick

    Happy Burstday Richard Fortus

    Which burst is this though, it looks familiar. 🤔
  8. grimlyflick

    Happy Burstday Richard Fortus

    Looks like the proceeds from Richards clear out of gear through CME were well spent.
  9. grimlyflick

    Gibson Les Paul Classic 1960

    9 hole weight relief, nitro. Great guitars, love my 2004.
  10. grimlyflick

    2013 Les Paul Standard Plastic and Nitro Finish? With Pics

    I had a 2013 Signature T in the same finish, no idea what was going on with wine red finishes at the time but mine was rubbish too. When the guitar got knocked bubbles appeared under the surface before eventually flaking off. I had the back refinished and the chap who did it for me said...
  11. grimlyflick

    Amps you sold but should have kept

    Marshall 2553 head with matching 1966a cab. Both in black as they were called the Custom Tube Series the year after the 1987 Jubilee year. Mine was a 1988. I wish I still had that amp. 😩
  12. grimlyflick

    [Question] Vintage V100 or Epiphone Les Paul Standard?

    Wrong section of the forum, but try one of the new “Inspired by” Epiphone Les Pauls with new headstock shape and better pickups etc.
  13. grimlyflick

    2005 Tobacco Sunburst Standard

    2016 Desertburst. 😊
  14. grimlyflick

    JMP Style Mini Stack Complete!

    I’m seeing the start of a Marshall Studio series and Les Paul theme here. 😊👍
  15. grimlyflick

    What exactly did I buy here? Classic? Plus? Premium Plus?

    My 2004 has a Nashville. :)(y)
  16. grimlyflick

    Les Paul models

    Looks like a normal standard, bit more flamey than my old 2006 Standard. 2006 Standards came without the pickguard attached.
  17. grimlyflick

    Nibs, can someone give me a history lesson?

    Firstly I have a few questions on the fretboard nibs. Why did Gibson choose to have the nibs as opposed to the fret going to the edge of the binding? Was this a cost/manufacturing decision or just considered to be the right way to do it. If considered easier and cheaper why then do Epiphones and...
  18. grimlyflick

    New (To Me) 2016 Standard

    Very nice. In all the fuss about the 2019 return to form the 2016 standards appear to be somewhat overlooked. I got mine in a geat deal due to Gibson’s yearly update, reduced by £700. I ditched the switching for a Fake59 wiring kit and some Monty’s humbuckers as I’ve always found the...
  19. grimlyflick

    Opinions please - 2013 Les Paul Signature T

    I had one, did some mods but otherwise it sounded and played great. I moved it on as it had some finish issues that pissed me off, but otherwise they are cool guitars. The 57s sounded especially nice. :salude