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  1. ultra

    NVGD - ES-345 "First Rack"

    Wonderful score.
  2. ultra

    Amps you sold but should have kept

    VibroKing. Best sound but weighed a ton
  3. ultra

    Antiquity's or Holmes?

    Holmes are my favourite hum buckers. I put Holmes H450/H455 in my 1999 R9 but didn't like them in that guitar and finally settled on Peter Florance Voodoo 59s. I have Holmes in my other humbucker guitars. Some Antiquities as well. There are some pickups that are just not right for some...
  4. ultra

    Michael Stevens

    Michael Stevens' ability to capture classic looks with modern and sonically superb designs deserves some recognition on this forum. Most of you will know of him but for those who don't, here are a few of his beautiful creations.
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    ES330 reissue "to Bigsby or not"

    I just landed a 2012 ES330 '59 Antique natural reissue and am contemplating adding a Bigsby B7 or B3. This is my first 330 and I really love it as is but ............. thinking, thinking If anyone has done this or played both one with and one without, how did it change the tone and playability...
  6. ultra

    ES345 magnet flip

    I have a great sounding '64 ES345 that has had a varitonectomy but has the original pickups in place. As one of the pickups has a magnet flip that is required with the original varitone, I find that blending the pickups with both volumes on "10" gives me the Peter Green out of phase sound. I...
  7. ultra

    ES355 Bigsby problems

    I have a great sounding ES355 with Bigsby and I am having a few issues with tuning and noises. The tuning issues are minor but it is the "creaking" noises coming from the bar when I bend strings are driving me nuts. The E A D strings creak and ping and the noises appear to come from the string...
  8. ultra

    61/62 SG/Les Paul Custom with nickel hardware?

    Has anyone come across (or know about) a very early white 61 or 62 SG/Les Paul Custom with nickel rather than gold hardware? I have seen them with very worn gold parts that look like nickel but one with factory fitted nickel is what I am wondering about. There is a black one in Robb Lawrence's...
  9. ultra

    Steve Rowen RIP

    I have just learnt that Steve Rowen of Pigtail has died of a massive heart attack. Words fail me at this time. RIP Steve
  10. ultra

    Joe Walsh with '54(?) and humbuckers

    Has anyone any idea what Joe Walsh is playing in this video? http://noolmusic.com/myspace_videos/joe_walsh_-_rocky_mountain_way.php Does anyone have any stories or pics of this particular guitar? Very cool axe. Thanks
  11. ultra

    JTM45 with Solid State rectifier?

    Guys, I have a JTM45 reissue and would like tighten up the sound a little and was thinking of using a solid stage rectifier instead of the tube one. Has anyone done or tried this? Any downside? What can I expect? If this is recommended, what type of SS rectifier should I use? Your comments...
  12. ultra

    Metal Cavity Plate... when first installed?

    Can anyone tell me the year that Gibson first used the metal controls plate in the cavity? Was it used in the 70's ? Thanks
  13. ultra

    New Pics Presentation

    Guys, It was reading through my guitar books that gave me the idea that I should photograph my guitars with the relevant pics in some of these books. The pics are of vintage guitars and my guitars are reissues ....... oh well. I am hoping to do some more when I get the chance and I am...
  14. ultra

    R9 sounds muffled and lifeless

    Guys, I need some advice about my 1999 R9 which is sounding muffled..... as if the amp has a blanket over it. I have done pickup swaps (recently from Holmes to Voodoos to pre T-Tops), NOS Black Beauty caps, Pigtail stoptail with steel studs, a Pigtail ABR bridge, stainless steel bridge posts...
  15. ultra

    ES335 clone... what pickups?

    Guys, I have a very nice ES335 clone but the stock pickups suck big time. The neck pup sounds muddy and the bridge is too overwound @ 11k. Currently in my stock bin are tthe following pup sets Classic 57s BB 1, 2 and 3 T-Tops (1967) Voodoo 59s (A3 and A5) Tom Holmes H450/453 What would you...
  16. ultra

    ES serial number/FON advice please

    Hi guys, I need some help in clarifying the "true" age of an ES guitar that I have had for decades. I have never questioned the validity of this guitar until I started reading about serial numbers and FON numbers. Now here's the rub........ my ES 3XX has a serial number "251xx" which dates...
  17. ultra

    GHS Big Core strings

    Hi, Does anyone have any experience with the GHS Rene Martinez Big Core pure nickel strings? The concept is good and Rene Martinez has cred........ who has tried them and what are your thoughts? Thanks
  18. ultra

    Dr Vintage v. Tom Holmes?

    Hi guys, I have certainly taken notice of all the good press that Wolfe's Dr. Vintage pickups have received and I am very interested in getting a set. What I would like to know, if guys can help? : How do the Dr Vintage compare to Tom Holmes H450 and H455 sets ? I have a some sets of Tom's...
  19. ultra

    Hiwatt Custom 20 Head

    Has anyone tried, or does anyone own, one of the ptp wired EL84 powered Hiwatt Custom 20 heads? These have caught my eye and and look like they might be good but I can't find a review anywhere on these. How might they compare with the new Marshall 2061X head? Any thoughts? Thanks
  20. ultra

    Alnico 2 or 4?

    Hi guys, Can anyone tell me the difference in sound and tone between an Alnico 2 powered pickup and an Alnico 4? What can I expect to hear? The pickups will have the same windings and DC resistance except the magnets will be different. The pup will be in the bridge position. Thanks in advance