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    Did covid-19 increase the value of the 1960 60th Anniversary LP?

    I have a 60th Anny built in 2019 early in the year with a top, and color on it extremely similar to yours :) I wish I could post a picture, but I cannot. Your top is a touch nicer, I believe, but mine has very similar flaming, same basic angle of the flame, and width of the flame...
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    Custom Shop harness quality??

    I had a M2M 2018 R9 and a 2019 60th Anny R9. After playing both, I immediately sold the 2018 R9. The 2019 60th had it all over the earlier version, and the wiring was different as well.
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    Break angle on bursts

    I don't have a burst, but on all of my LP's I have owned in the last 64+ years, the break angle over the bridge has been approximately 17 degrees. I have tried top wrapping, and various heights from fully decked stop tail all the way up, and don't notice any difference in sustain or tone...
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    LP R9 grunge clean

    Yes it is around. There are two Virtuoso products. One is a cleaner and the other is the polish. I use both sparingly and it works just fine. I remember back in 1964, when Gibson sent me my custom made, 22 fret Super 400, and included some polish I had never seen before that. I used to use...
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    Gibson Murphy Lab...

    Thanks for the post Mike! Beautiful looking guitar. I hope you enjoy it. :)
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    Gibson Murphy Lab...

    Good video gentlemen! :) I am waiting on a ML '59 355 M2M UL in watermelon red. My main reason for getting the ML was hopefully that they roll the fret board edges a bit, and the color. The aging is nice, but I am neutral on that so long as it isn't too overdone. My guitars bought new, even...
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    .88 at first fret? Looking for a Custom Shop Les Paul 59/60 type faded flame but with a neck thickness first fret about .88

    Anderton's Guitar Shop in the UK is a stellar store as is Peach Guitars. One of these two stores will set you up.
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    Belated dual NGD

    Congratulations on getting a wicked pair of LP's!. I hope you really enjoy them for a long time. :)
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    Top wrapping? The really big question!

    I raise up the stop tail on my R9. I'm not losing any sustain or other tone from what I can hear, and my string gauge has to be 7-30 due to radial nerve loss. I tried top wrapping back in the 1970's when it first became fashionable, I think due to Duane Allman doing it, but I could be...
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    NVGD - ES-345 "First Rack"

    What a score! Congratulations. Enjoy playing it for many years to come. :)
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    do you think this amazing Murphy Lab ES-335 color would look good as a Custom ?

    I've seen similar LP Customs done in a heritage cherry red transparent which faded to a similar color as above. I liked it. I have on order a M2M '59 355 in ultra light aging in watermelon red. I would like to see this color pictured above, a bit darker on a LPC as it will fade and the...
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    Hi Guys My first gibson historic 1959 les paul!

    JayPark, That is a beautiful guitar! The advice offered in this thread is very wise. I would play the guitar for about 6 months and give it a chance as is. I have had a lot of R9's and never replaced anything. I found that playing it in a band, it just takes some time to make adjustments and...
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    lets talk about the nitro on the Murphy labs .......

    I ordered a M2M '59 355 in ultra light ageing, as I'm not really into the finish, but I like the watermelon red color and the rolled fret board binding it will come with. I have nothing against relic'd finished guitars at all, but when I tried to order just the color and the rolled binding...
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    lets talk about the nitro on the Murphy labs .......

    I'm liking what I am reading here about the Murphy Lab guitars. I have one on order but the delivery won't be for about 9 more months.
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    Gibson ES335 (2021) - QC issues?

    Very happy to hear your 335 is what you wanted and expected! The CS is really the only way to go for a more real experience, imho, once you have played a great 3X5, and want to be realistically sure you will get a great guitar upon ordering one.
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    NGD 2020 R8

    LuteGuy, I bought my 60th Anny from Breaze Guitars about 18 months ago, and it is a wonderful R9. Congratulations on your R8. It looks terrific. :)
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    Gibson ES335 (2021) - QC issues?

    I stopped looking at production Gibsons a long time ago. You should be happy with your CS 335. While they do vary naturally due to all the hand work, I have not had a problem, and I have to buy mine, as many do, over the net, since I don't live near any dealer who has any. I currently have a...
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    Emotional buy?

    Condolences on your father's passing. My wife and I lost both of our parents within a month's time, so I understand. Before you decide to take the beat up white LP, if you are still thinking about your father's guitar, here is another thing to consider besides the other good advice offered...
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    Some CS 59 questions on modding

    Make sure you get paperwork showing that the fret board you are having installed can be proven to be real brazzy. There is a company here called Historic Makeovers and they hand out certificates showing each thing they did to guitars they worked on. I would also make sure the guitar you are...
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    Going to buy a Les Paul - need some help

    If I were spending the money you are, I would consider looking at the latest versions, as well as the ones you are already considering. The reports I am reading about, show that the latest ones are really well built versions.