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    Rittor Music ' The Gibson 'Book $85

    Rare and out of print.180 glossy pages of Gibson history and photos. Originally written in Japanese, this copy is the English version. I tried uploading photos, and it seems the image are too large to load. I couldn’t figure out how to change the photo size on both my phone and iPad. I would be...
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    Strap button placement on '59 Jr. Want to move it, don't wanna drill!

    I've a really nice ( and clean) 59 Jr. Owned it for a good 20 years. I play out a lot, but never take it because I don't like where the strap mounts to the guitar. I've always wanted to move it to the point on the bass side cutaway, so the guitar would hang like the rest of my LPs. I like my...
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    I need help dating a Custom Shop L.P. TV Model Jr.

    TV Model... S/n 71135X 'Gibson pots stamped 41-440-70500 Comes in a black Custom Shop/historic case. When was this guitar made? Thank you, Russ
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    Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul TV Model Jr. $1700

    Hey all! I'm selling my Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul TV Model Jr. It's been played out, and has minor scratches, and dings. Nothing obvious, or real concerning that I could photograph. It has not been a case queen. A big neck, and wide fingerboard, a comfortable 8 pounds, 3 ounces. Custom...
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    TV Model

    I just picked up this used TV Model L.P.. Can you tell what year it was made from the serial number? thanks!
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    FS: 1959 Les Paul Jr. Exc. Condition

    Hi all, I'm selling one of my 59 JRs. This is a really clean guitar, with some dings on the top, and back. The back of the neck is really clean, and glossy. All original, with no repairs. I've owned it for about 25 years. It weighs 6 pounds, 1 ounce! I prefer to ship it in a 70s Gibson hard...
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    FS: 1957 ES-225

    Really clean, lightweight 225 for sale. The guy I got it from bought it in 1961. The Bigsby was on it then... All stock, a few of the tuner buttons will need to be changed out soon. I can do it if you prefer. Original brown case. $3900 shipped within the lower 48 states. I will consider...
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    Dbl cut l-5 looking archtop?

    Dbl cut L-5 looking archtop? What is this? http://youtu.be/mjzcNAYyQog It shows again at 1:15
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    About when did the short PGs appear on 335s?

    I'm babysitting my friends 60 335. It has a long pic guard. I was expecting it to have a short one. It's a late 60, judging from the A3573X serial number. It has an 'R' in the FON. Any insight into when the long Pickguards were starting to get phased out? Thanks, Russ
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    How would you raise the bridge P.U. on a 330?

    I would like to raise the bridge PU on a 64 ES 330 I bought today. A PU riser like on an old L-5? I need a plan! Thanks, Russ
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    Slide switch on 65 Non-Rev Firebird V

    Its been cutting out for years. Where can I find a replacement switch? Thanks!
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    The PU's in my SG Special are out of phase!

    My '64 SG Spec. sounds thin and nasally in the middle position w/ both PU's on. These pick-ups have not been removed since they were installed in Kalamazoo! Is anyone willing to give me the step x step procedure? Help! Thanks, Russ
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    60's Epi Coronet photo

    Local bands were fun in the 60's!
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    How much is the Sunburst LP in the window?

    Don't you miss the days when dealers displayed their best guitars in the front window? I took this picture in the late 70's (I think!) Manhattan, NY. 48th Street .'We buy Guitars'
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    '62 sideways trem assembly.. worth?

    My buddy and I are working on a trade deal involving a '56 LP Special and some other stuff. He wants me to take his clean sideways trem in on the deal. It's nickle, clean, and complete, except for the mounting screws. I offered $300, he gasped for air! He's talking $800! Any opinions on a...
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    Check out this hang tag!

    I found this in a Les Paul Case today. Any thoughts??
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    Wrap around T. P. question

    Hey all, I've been playing one of my wrap-around tailpiece Les Pauls a lot lately. It seems after 50+ years, small indention's in the tailpiece have formed. It definitely affects the way the notes ring on the G,B, and high E strings. It has a 'sitar' effect! And, it is affecting sustain and the...
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    Firebird Color Chart

    I've had this Firebird color chart for a long time. I thought I would post a picture, and share it with the forum. Enjoy!
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    Do you know anything about Special 7 3077

    Hey all, I just traded my friend for 7 3077. Besides grovers and a headstock repair, it's in real nice shape. My friend got it from Solidbody Guitars a few years ago. I was just wondering if any of you had owned it previous to that. Here's some pictures... Thanks