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  1. MeHereNow

    Natural resonance?

    I recently noticed my 2001 SG Classic does a peculiar thing which I can't explain.. If I play an "F" note an hold it, no matter which octave or which string, it rings out for about 3 seconds and then flows over in the upper harmonic. Only the F note does this, guitar unplugged or amplified. And...
  2. MeHereNow

    Boost pedals, which one do you play?

    I'm considering a dedicated boost pedal to add on my board. I use a RYRA Klone now as a boost, but realised i like it better as a low gain OD. Had or used: MXR/CAE mc 401, MXR Micro amp, Timmy at boost setting, OCD 1.4 as a "dirty" boost (which is great for!). So i wonder what you guys use as a...
  3. MeHereNow

    Tubescreamer history

    Just found and watched this great video about the great little green stomper.
  4. MeHereNow

    Greeny and Greeny

    Anybody else saw kirk's twitter today?
  5. MeHereNow

    Slubowski Burst in the top header

    Just noticed, we have a new LP in the top header of the page. When did this occur?
  6. MeHereNow

    1960 Burst in Netherlands

    https://www.tfoa.eu/nl/gibson-les-paul-standard-1960-burst.html Is this a "known" burst to the insiders? Just curious. They link to the LPF: https://www.lespaulforum.com/forum/showthread.php?181972-1960-Burst-Historic-Makeovers
  7. MeHereNow

    MI Audio Blue Boy Deluxe overdrive v1

    Heard this pedal in the rig of a guitarist with nearly the same amp/guitar setup as mine (vert input 50w early 80's jcm 800 and Gibson R8) and i dug it! It seems tweakable and i understand has an open opampsocket for interchanging the standard 4558 for any opamp you want. Current "dirt" path...
  8. MeHereNow

    possible NGD

    Going to check out a 2018 R8 today. It has a nice top flametop which to me is reminicent of the original 59 les paul i see almost everyday: Charlie's most beautifull Nicky. Colour is a dark bourbon fade, the 'fadeouttowardsbridge' Pearly Gates type, so that makes 2 features of 2 of my favourite...
  9. MeHereNow


    https://shop.fender.com/en-NL/electric-guitars/stratocaster/2018-limited-edition-whiteguard-strat/0176062707.html?rl=en_US Tele and strat couple made a baby!
  10. MeHereNow

    Working with Nylon 6/6

    On my 68 RI custom i want to install a nylon 6/6 nut to replace the factory corian one. I'm making it myself and wondered if there are forummembers here who have experience in working with this material. Are there any specific things to consider seeing nylon is quite different material to work...
  11. MeHereNow

    NBD---- Epi Thunderbird Vintage Pro

    Originally a bassist when starting to learn an instrument. i could'nt resist this longtime childhood dream epiphone recently made available. A Thunderbird Vintage Pro. Same basic construction neckthrough multiple ply as the original Gibsons, mahogany/walnut and a indian rosewood fretboard...
  12. MeHereNow

    Slasherbird anyone?

  13. MeHereNow

    Is this custom 1 of them 68's? Yes it is (continued post)

    continued thread of: https://www.lespaulforum.com/forum/showthread.php?206572-Is-this-custom-1-of-them-68-s&p=2777948#post2777948 next i tried to that red gunk gibson uses to buff the finish, out of the cavity edges, pretty tenacious stuff once dried up. On VOS finishes it looks like it's...
  14. MeHereNow

    Is this custom 1 of them 68's?

    I wanted a White lp custom, so i got me one, a 99' model. After playing it and seeing it up close i noticed some things i was'nt familiar with in custom models i've seen or played before, beeing: -a 6 digit impressed serial number -an ABR with posts directly screwed in the top -a 3layer...
  15. MeHereNow

    R9 "edged" sunburst

    I saw this advertised in a local ad: https://link.marktplaats.nl/m1218426479 I've never seen this type of sunburst, beeing only the the edge and not "crossing over" over the toggle switch area, on anything other than Standard/traditionals and a old refinished burst once owned by Dickie...
  16. MeHereNow

    the 8 year fade

    Thought i'd share this. I put in matched TVT "true vintage taper" pots in my early 2009 R8 yesterday. After removing the old wiring harness, and begin to solder the new harness i placed the guitar in a other room were there is fluorescent light tubes, and noticed this: She's a "brockburst" /...
  17. MeHereNow

    A Gibson SG.. or GS?

    i just came across this pic.. Creative... Not pretty but creative...:hee
  18. MeHereNow

    '58 LP standard advertised in the Netherlands

    Just stumbled on this.. https://link.marktplaats.nl/m1212073300 https://www.marktplaats.nl/a/muziek-en-instrumenten/snaarinstrumenten-gitaren-elektrisch/m1212073300-originele-gibson-les-paul-standard-1958.html?c=be2da871b0d84f75c3056cc6db858f31&previousPage=lr&pos=33 text with the add states...
  19. MeHereNow

    1-piece board on a august 2012 LP 60th ann.

    A bit late i guess, but here's some close-up pics of my 60th LE anniversary LP Goldtop Fretboard end. It was made in august 2012 according to the ser.nr. and it sports a 1-piece rosewood board. On the pics there's some glue residue on the end of the board from the old nut, but it's 100% 1-piece...