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  1. P.Walker

    NGD: True Historic 58 w/video demo

    Hey all, Just last week a guy wanted my 11 R9 for a TH58. Couldn't say no. No pictures for now but I hope the video finds you well. Enjoy and cheers!
  2. P.Walker

    Eric Johnson with a new vintage Goldtop?

    Oh. :## This was the goldtop I was referring to: His goldtop that he has right now is obviously more beat up, like the 54 strat he got before the ah via musicom tour started happening again. Likes them more beat up these days (in his own words) it seems He's had multiple bursts in the past...
  3. P.Walker

    Another Eric Johnson solo cover from Venus Isle

    Hopefully there are fans of EJ and his album out there like me...man is the pinnacle for me when it comes to this kind of stuff... If you are only familiar with Cliffs of Dover, that's okay too but do give Venus Isle a listen. It may be an acquired taste for some, but you will come to...
  4. P.Walker

    Gibson Collector's Choice Headstock Issue...PLEASE HELP!

    Something that hasn't been mentioned: For a "new" guitar, 1. The truss rod washer seems to be a little deeply embedded in the cavity than most. 2. The black lacquer around the nut is broken too much for a "new" guitar. A new one would have the black sloppy lacquer mostly intact. 3. The truss...
  5. P.Walker

    Let's name these fiddles

    2011 R9 and 2012 Fender CS Teambuilt 57 relic. Tiger and Eric?
  6. P.Walker

    Stayed in the whole day- some EJ on my R9

    Hi folks, Just sharing another video. Stayed home the whole day and thought I'd do a guitar marathon. Not very patent applied for, but a good les paul can do anything! For those familiar and not so familiar with EJ, please go listen to Venus Isle- it is a masterpiece. And again, always...
  7. P.Walker

    Help me pick a 3rd guitar: 57 Historic Junior or 61 SG Historic VOS?

    Hi folks, so this is my setup: I feel at home most on these two, for quite a long time now. I would like to try something a little out of my comfort zone but not too much: I am looking at a 57 junior singlecut in tv yellow and a stoptail historic sg in cherry. Some doubts about both...
  8. P.Walker

    R9 and a Trip Down Memory Lane - Scorpions content

    Decided to take a trip down memory lane...one of my favorite 80s songs from one of my top 10 80s bands. I think the lead guitarist Matthias Jabs is criminally underrated in the 80s lead guitarist scene. I think I used to play it a bit differently way back then, but change is life as they say...
  9. P.Walker

    2010 Historic R9 Demo

    It's been a while since I played this guitar...and eric johnson for that matter. Got really distracted with a strat (I know I know...:dang). That shall change all soon. I just found out I never learned the rest of this song. Priorities for a band that never ended up lasting. And no the...
  10. P.Walker

    NGD: 2012 Fender CS Teambuilt 1957 Relic Strat 2-tone sunburst

    I guess in one way, I've come full circle. Did a little bit of herd cleaning, trimming the gear fat, so that I can focus once again what I like, which is just performing and woodshedding. So a short NGD with a 2012 Fender CS Teambuilt 1957 Relic Strat 2-tone sunburst. I couldn't be more...
  11. P.Walker

    Kossoff Up Close

    (Continuing from the other R9 thread!..) I can't help but notice the washer under the truss rod nut; I assume that was needed to straighten out the neck from all the years of drying? After all the gigs and history it's been through, all it needs is a washer to straighten it back out...i've...
  12. P.Walker

    Every day is a honeymoon with this R9...

    Well a while ago, after the whole family and the lady forgot my birthday, I decided to make a statement by getting this... A 2011 Washed Cherry R9 in gloss...the only upgrade is a set of antiquities I had lying around, fitted with full strength magnets. Previous owner practically never took it...
  13. P.Walker

    '65 shoreline gold strat clapton demo

    Hey all, I'm mostly an LP player and a purist at heart who wishes clapton never meddled with strats, but I do love his songwriting from that era, and found myself really liking some of his tones. The gear: avri new vintage 65 strat through a bog standard deluxe simulator on logic x Thanks...
  14. P.Walker

    NGD: 2011 R9 Cherry Flametop

    A good friend of mine sent me a picture of an R9 for sale that looked more like a tomato than a guitar, but I trusted him and called the seller. (paraphrased) Me: Hi there...you sure it's a flame? Because it looks like a tomato from where I am. Seller: Haha not to worry; a guitar that is...
  15. P.Walker

    Tribute to Clapton & Cray, just for old love's sake (R7 content)

    Hey all, I've always dismissed the post-cream era clapton out of pure bigotry, even though I knew there were good songs in them. The traditionalist in me always said, "Bahh you can't do that." Well one day this song hit me out of nowhere, took me back to a place and I said, "Fuck it, let's do a...
  16. P.Walker

    How do you choose a good Les Paul? (What I’ve learned over the years)

    Hey all, I’ve had to sell an R9 recently for reasons other than financial, and decided to organize some of my thoughts on what it means to choose and play a great guitar. For some twenty years I’ve heard the adage, “You cannot polish a turd, and you cannot keep a good one down,” and “there is...
  17. P.Walker

    New owner of a 2010 R9 Lemonburst in Gloss

    Hi all, As fate would have it, I traded a Fender CS 52 Tele for a 63 ES-335 which brought me to this... so in essence, the blackguard I had no use for came back to be in the form of a burst...without any extra cash...and I'm not saying no to that... a 2010 R9 Lemonburst in Gloss...it does...
  18. P.Walker

    New Member of the Family- 65 Strat Shoreline Gold Matching Headstock!

    I saw it and I couldn't help myself... I'm used to Gibsons but this strat plays just fine and is quite the looker!:yah
  19. P.Walker

    For all you EJ fans- Lonely in the Night Outro Solo Cover w/ new ES335

    Hey all, Thought I’d share a clip of the new acquisition: 50th anni 63 ES-355. EJ is unequivocally my number 1 (I was too young to really get into Clapton/Hendrix and the likes, and EJ fused those two and made it a heck of a lot more accessible for younger people like me, so I’ll be forever...
  20. P.Walker

    A nice surprise...'64 ES-335 50th Anni.

    A nice surprise...'63 ES-335 50th Anni. So I had a 52 Fender CS Time Machine Tele that wasn't getting much play time and the rule is if I don't play it , it goes. I've got a fine EJ strat that takes care of my Fender needs...which are rare. So an acquaintance called me up and told me I had to...