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  1. rockabilly69

    Buffing Polyurethane Finish On An Epiphone Les Paul

    Bummer!!!! Sounds like a pain, although worth $50 to me for the results that I've gotten with it. But I'm sure there's other products out there that would work just as good. It's just the perfect grit light rubbing compound, with a finer grit finish polish. Good luck in your search!
  2. rockabilly69

    Buffing Polyurethane Finish On An Epiphone Les Paul

    Here is their current webpage, and it's showing available... https://www.guitarscratchremover.com/collections/all-products/products/guitar-polish-kit
  3. rockabilly69

    Buffing Polyurethane Finish On An Epiphone Les Paul

    This stuff works wonders on Poly, and you don't need a wheel! I can't count the times I've really cleaned up both nitro and poly finishes with it. https://www.amazon.com/Players-Guitar-Scratch-Remover-Eternashine/dp/B008NRF8R2
  4. rockabilly69

    90s "good wood " era vs post 2013 era ....... ?

    I agree JPP-1, and another thing I like is the neck shape's better on the newer ones, their not as clubby with less shoulder.
  5. rockabilly69

    Deadspots after shimming

    I shimmed both of these guitars with Stew Mac shims. And like rock and roll shakeup, I like almost no relief. I just try and get my bridge between 3 and 4 mm off of the deck, and with a flat relief I'm golden. Each .25 shim raises the bridge about 2mm, My guitars are also 7.25 radius so I also...
  6. rockabilly69

    anyone disappointed that their Les Paul Historic is a pre 2013 ?

    How do you know did you have the wood analyzed? Let's see it. Maybe it was an older body they had lying around. What's it weigh? Any we all know one thing for sure, with Gibson you never know for sure :)
  7. rockabilly69

    anyone disappointed that their Les Paul Historic is a pre 2013 ?

    A 2014 should be Fiji Mahogany (started in 2006). My 2014 R7 is my favorite Les Paul. I was really looking to get a new Les Paul in 2013-2014 and I did a lot of searching, and I played as many new guitars as I could. And in all my years of playing Les Pauls, I never saw such a high percentage...
  8. rockabilly69

    anyone disappointed that their Les Paul Historic is a pre 2013 ?

    South American Mahogany vs Fiji mahogany around 2006, also post 2014 Hide glue for fingerboard and for the top to the body.
  9. rockabilly69

    Goldtop Believers

    I bought my reissue 'cause it was sportin' a belly like that...
  10. rockabilly69

    Cleaning 1974 Les Paul custom treated with 10000 cigarettes

    as said above, spit and microfiber cloth works wonders. and naptha is totally safe on nitro!
  11. rockabilly69

    anyone disappointed that their Les Paul Historic is a pre 2013 ?

    Sounds like a question formulated to stir shit. I have a great 2010 R0, but I have an equally great 2014 R7 and a 2019 R4.
  12. rockabilly69

    Three Strats - 1955, 1959, 1965

    Thanks Mike. I had a ball recording that song! There's just something about a Strat into a Princeton Reverb for the spank :) Here's another song that recorded with the Strat, this one has one of my favorite solo sounds (like my hero Mark Knopfler). Even though I would typically use vintage...
  13. rockabilly69

    Three Strats - 1955, 1959, 1965

    Wow those are some clean vintage strats Mike, I bet you had to hunt for those for a while! I love the color on the '55. Recently, because of my toying around with Fender Jaguars, I've been getting back into the Fender single coil sound, and the Fender tremolo systems. Right after I put...
  14. rockabilly69

    Yet another '59 Replica!.... Video and Pix

    what are the immediate tells?
  15. rockabilly69

    I Named My Les Pauls Today

    I don't typically name guitars, but forum member Professortwang named my two Gibson L5s guitars. The Cherryburst is "Olga", the Fireburst is "Helga"... Another friend of mine named my Gibson ES-125 the "69 Chevelle" when he heard the serious rumble I was getting out of that thing one night at...
  16. rockabilly69

    Lindy Fralin P90's vs stock Gibson P90's in R6

    I wouldn't dream of changing out the stock P90s in my R4, they sound great! I think P90s take some special setup attention to get right. I spent a lot of time with mine dialing in the height of the pickup and poles. And although some people like reverse winding for the middle position noise...
  17. rockabilly69

    Accurate reflector knobs - US Source?

    Yes the philadelphia luthier ones are matte.
  18. rockabilly69

    Replacement bridge for 58r?

    Well I'm glad that you are happy with it, as that's all it comes down to anyway! Enjoy it!
  19. rockabilly69

    Did you upgrade your Reissues?

    My 2010 R0 is dead stock, and so is my 2014 R7, other than some RS Steel tailpiece studs that were gifted to me, and they didn't change the sound at all! My 2019 R4 has a Mojoaxe tailpiece, but I bought it used and that's what it came with!