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  1. jrgtr42

    1959 Reissue Sunburst

    They say that boat stands for, "bust out another thousand." You can buy them relatively cheap, especially on Craigslist or something, but it's the cost of running them - be it gas, insurance, storage / mooring etc. that gets you. That said, those costs do go up exponentially with the size. A l7...
  2. jrgtr42

    From 'God' to Rolling Stone Whipping Boy in One Generation

    |If Rolling Stone thought you were good, you were great, and could never do anything wrong. If they didn't like you or your genre, there's nothing you could do to change their minds. Neil Peart, in one of his books, talked about meeting a Rolling Stone writer one time, who said something to the...
  3. jrgtr42

    Only one guitar

    OF the ones I currently own, my 1980 Gibson SG. Maybe my Martin D18. Depends on if an amp is allowed or not. Of all guitars ever, probably the one I have in mind that I want to build. Possibly changing the pickups / electronics from what I have in mind to something a bit more versatile.
  4. jrgtr42

    Wal-Mart offers medical clinics

    Of course, watching and reading the news doesn't do anything to refute Wal-Mart's ideas in regards to US consumers.
  5. jrgtr42

    Fender Custom Shop 60th Anniversary '54 Strat vs. American Original '50s

    In that case, |I'd say play the local one. if that does it for you, then great. If it doesn't, if it seems to be lacking something, and the Custom Shop is doable financially, then see if they have a return policy or some sort of trial time frame. You'd probably be on the hook for shipping if it...
  6. jrgtr42

    Peter Frampton Opening Official Reverb Shop

    Now I see it - 45 listings, but everything is sold....
  7. jrgtr42

    Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth playing a Gibson EB3

    There was an article on her in Premier Guitar not long ago, maybe a year or so, that she was talking about all that. IIRC, she said that she really hasn't played bass, other than a couple demos, since she left Sonic Youth. and that she'd given up most of her gear from then. Just a couple...
  8. jrgtr42

    If you could only have one amp one guitar and no pedals. What is it?

    I have to like the tweed deluxe idea, but on the other hand, something like Mesa's Roadking, from a while back, would be pretty enticing, with it's multiple different output tubes, able to select tube or SS rectifyer, and so on, the amount of different sounds you could get out of it was amazing.
  9. jrgtr42

    Peter Frampton Opening Official Reverb Shop

    Looking now, there's only 3 items listed? Most times stuff like this happens, the sold stuff shows also.
  10. jrgtr42

    Cleaning 1974 Les Paul custom treated with 10000 cigarettes

    I would say that if you've tried everything so far, those stains probably aren't coming out. As long as the surface is clean, |I would say to just ride with it. Does it smell like cigarette smoke? If so, keep it out of the case, maybe even outside in the sun, as long as the temperature isn't...
  11. jrgtr42

    Fender Custom Shop 60th Anniversary '54 Strat vs. American Original '50s

    I would say to play each of the guitars and see if either one really speaks to you more than the other. I will say Custom shop guitars seem to hold their values better than standard production, but that said, even regular production gutiars right now seem to be selling used for as much or more...
  12. jrgtr42

    JB Epiphone Lazarus is coming...

    I'd love to see pics of the original before the restoration.
  13. jrgtr42

    account of a real 1950s Moderne?

    |I don't disagree there. |How many of us HAVEN'T daydreamed of strolling up to a yard sale somewhere and finding a 'Burst, or early Strat, D'Angelico or what have you sitting out there, tagged at $20 or whatever. I'm sure there are still undiscovered 'Bursts out there, (they do show up from...
  14. jrgtr42

    account of a real 1950s Moderne?

    Possible? Sure. more than one or two? unlikely. IMO. There's no evidence that I'\ve seen that more than a few were ever built - and there's testimony that they were destroyed in the company morgue not long after. Could one or two have escaped that fate? Yep, but it's interesting that in the 60+...
  15. jrgtr42

    Assisted Living - gear

    Honestly, by the time you're in assisted living, playing guitar is going to be the least of your worries. Like I said, I work at an independent living place, and even those that used to play are mostly past it. I think we have a couple people who do still play, but a lot who used to.
  16. jrgtr42

    Schaller Locks Spinning

    I'm not a fan of the \Dunlops. Unless you inset the reciever into the guitar, they stick out way to far for my tastes. I had them once and they always got hung up on stuff.
  17. jrgtr42

    Les Paul Juniors. Is everyone insane?!

    |When I was selling guitars, around turn of the century, 50's Juniors were a couple grand. Man, if I knew then what I know now... but at the time I really didn't dig the single pickup thing; I really liked the neck pickup (still do, as a matter of fact,) and couldn't see having a guitar without...
  18. jrgtr42

    improvement Amplifier advice please?

    um.... a little more specifics would help?
  19. jrgtr42

    Schaller Locks Spinning

    I keep my Schallers aligned so the open end of the horseshoe is pointing up. |I've been using them for 25 yfears plus and I;ve never had one come off the guitar button. Once in a great while the nut on the strap side will come off, but I've never dropped a guitar.
  20. jrgtr42

    Tom Hamilton Gibson Les Paul bass

    He sure did. As far as I know Entwistle never played one of these - but I don't have a Thunderbird, Fenderbird or Buzzard, so...