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    New Gibson Korina Explorer & Flying V annnounced!

    The good news for me is they are making the tall black PU rings again!
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    Tall black pickup rings?

    Has Gibson discontinued these? i can only find them in White. looking at their lineup all the bridge pickups on the vintage reissues are only using the medium height ones where they used to have the tall ones.. S'up wit dat?
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    Richraths LP Collection.. Where are they now?

    Back in the heyday of REO, Gary Richrath was famous for collecting vintage LP's and one night at a rehearsal in a hanger near van Nuys airport, he told me he had aorund 50 of them stashed away that he planned on selling one by one when he retired to live on. Back then they were alot more...
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    2020 64 reissue ES 335's..

    Anyone know when these will be available and if they can be MTM? from the Gibson site.. "The Sweet Sound of '64 The Historic Reissue ES-335 is back and better than ever thanks to a year of studying, scanning, and listening to original examples. The expert craftspeople at Gibson...
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    Thread deleted???

    Hey! Why did you guys delete the thread about the 2020 ES 335's?
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    Why ahve they changed the reflector knobs?

    Still have all vintage Gibbies, but wasnt really paying attention to the reissues. My son ordered a set of 4 replacement ones and they have this swirl now where before they were the original clear mirrored ones. Kinda confusing as after so many years of re-authenticating everything from the...
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    Average weight of a 58-60 burst?

    Anyone know?
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    Replacement Pick up ring mounts..

    Howdy all.. Ok, so first up. Why doesnt Gibson make the tall black bridge pickup mount rings anymore? Cant find them anywhere except used vintage sites.. Anyone know? Also, I have a CC#2 Goldie and I want to replace the original pickup rings with the newer corrected plastics that came out...
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    Can I get Gibson to make me one like this?

    Not sure why but since the 60's Gibson hasnt made the reissue 335 like they did back then despite the many claims that they are exact copies.. Mostly it has to do with the shape of the arching on the tops. Here you can see the "smile" of the arching that goes from the left horns blister under...
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    A chat from 1992 with Ted McCarty..

    He sets the record straight about the history of the Les Paul and just who invented it and when.. Good reading.. https://reverb.com/news/former-gibson-chief-ted-mccarty-on-tonewoods-and-the-problems-of-top-heavy-management?utm_campaign=1612019_blogbacongibson&utm_medium=FB&utm_source=FB
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    Gibson facing bankruptcy?

    Came across this today.. Not looking good. Plus I have heard that many top execs at Guitar Center have been let go as they face a similar dilemma.. http://www.ajc.com/news/national/gibson-guitar-company-maker-the-les-paul-facing-bankruptcy-after-116-years-business/OlaIEYdtLEv1rP92RvZFrM/
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    How 'bout some 64's?

    Hey GCS! You guys have done alotta 58, 59, 60, 61, 63 etc reissues,..but strangely 1964 models seem to have been left out.. Many believe 64 was one of the best years for many models before they changed.. The 64 ES-335's and SG standards are highly regarded and sought after, but you guys have yet...
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    Collectors Choice date of manufacture?

    Is there any documentation of what the build dates of the CC line are/were? like the serial number dating system, is there a way to find out exactly when your CC was made?
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    Fretboard thickness.. Vintage vs New..

    Noticing that it appears the fretboards on the vintage Pauls seem to be less thick than their reissue counterparts. Looking at and playing a few old then new, there seems to be a trend of thinner boards on the old ones. Any thoughts on this?
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    CC#2 jack Plate replacement..

    Had an oops moment onstage over the weekend and broke the jackplate on my Goldie. Is it the standard part thats available or is it a special CC part? need to get it fixed fast.. Thx!
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    Pots in Goldie CC #2?

    For the hive.. Can anyone tell me which make of pots were used in the run of CC#2's Goldies? Despits all attempts to loosen them up they are still high friction and too hard to turn .. Would like any suggestions for replacing them with some that are still audio taper and very easy to turn like...
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    Nitro finish question

    Is the current recipe for the nitro finishes on the CC line the same as what they used back in the 50's-60's? My 61 LP SG smells like an old photo booth picture strip while my Goldie has only a faint whiff of this..I love it.. it adds some magic to smell this aroma whilst cranking out the...
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    Gibson purchases old Tower Records property in LA..

    Yep. A 15 year lease for what will be the new Gibson showroom on the Sunset Strip.. Will have a live stage area as well.. Guitar center prolly not too happy about this.. http://www.lamag.com/citythinkblog/gibsons-acquisition-tower-records-building-good-thing/
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    Why is Gibson allowed to do this?

    We all know the story of how Les Paul decried the SG body style and as a result ordered that his name be taken off the instruments after the 61 debut.. So, how is Gibson allowed to now use the Les Paul inscribed truss rod cover again on these reissues? I actually own a real 61 BTW..