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  1. sharky

    FS: Gibson Protector Case in the EU

    Hi all, I'm clearing some stuff that doesn't fit my parts drawer, so up for grabs is this cool original Gibson Protector Case. The hinges work just fine as does the accessories compartment. The latch on the short side of the case is missing but since the other two latches on the long side are...
  2. sharky

    WTB 80s Korina Explorer

    Hey all, I sold some gear so I have room to fill with old dreams if possible. If anybody is looking to sell his 80s Korina Explorer RI with Shaws, shoot me a message. Doesn't have to be pristine, worn is even preferred. Just shoot me a message. Thanks for looking
  3. sharky

    Rusty Anderson ES-335 for sale in the EU, will ship worldwide

    Hey guys, I decided to change my gear again and thus my 2013 Rusty Anderson ES-335 Reissue is up for sale. No dings, dongs or whatsoever, maybe some more than minor swirl marks on the pickguard, nothing I could detect on the laquer. It has been played but very little and very respectful. It's...
  4. sharky

    Flying V case Gibson Custom as new

    Hey all, I sold my Korina Flying V that I bought this case for in case to carry it around which I didn't. I stored the V in it only once, the rest of the time it just sat here in the smoke and pet free house. Before it's starting to collect dust I'll rather sell it. 170 Euros buys it shipped...
  5. sharky

    Vintage Gibson Strap, Case Candy strings

    Hi all, I have a few vintage case candy parts which I would like to sell. It's a mid 50s leather guitar strap which came with a Gibson Les Paul in very nice, worn in condition, still usable, no breaks, only wear and a few unopened Black Diamond strings and one unused Epiphone string. Price for...
  6. sharky

    Gary Rossington Les Paul for sale in the EU Murphy aged

    Hey guys, my Rossi is for sale. It's highly flamed, lots of grain, wonderful looking, playing and sounding Rossington. The fretboard is plain awesome. Hard as glass and slick as hell. The guitar has the literally sustain for days, it just rings and sings on every fret more than any other...
  7. sharky

    1969/70 SG on ebay, whatcha think?

    Hey guys, I'm checking the offered SGs on ebay once in a while and found this one http://www.ebay.com/itm/1969-1970-Gibson-SG-Red-w-OHSC-CELEBRITY-OWNED-SKU-2634-/291372971557?pt=Guitar&hash=item43d72eb625 What's wrong with the PUP in this picture, the feet seem to have been filed away to...
  8. sharky

    1965 ES-355 antural in Germany. What do you think about it

    1965 ES-355 natural in Germany. What do you think about it Hey guys, stumbled over this offer here from Guitarpoint in Germany: http://shop.guitarpoint.de/de/Gibson/1965-Gibson-ES-355-TDVS-Natural-Stereo?x511e4=8d1033215c874c77f8d6359995acb6f6 I really like what I see. I could easily...
  9. sharky

    Korina Flying V for cheap, if I only could check it myself

    Hey guys, maybe one of you is interested in this beautiful and a bit odd Korina V Fretted Americana has on their website. Nut width is 2/10" wider than regular, body thicker also, no COA, headstock looks '67 not 58 but the price is a steal, maybe a luthier built? Case is the CS coffin case. If...
  10. sharky

    NGD Bernie Marsden The Beast

    OK, first of all I have to say that I didn't plan to buy The Beast after seeing Gibson's first announcement. A little later a picture showed up somewhere in the web that showed a lot more interesting picture of a prototype or whatever and that immediately caught my eye. So I decided to order it...
  11. sharky

    NGD Joe Perry aged and signed

    Alright, I never was a big fan of dark or tobacco bursts, but I have always been a big Aerosmith fan. I love Joe's riff mastering. So I decided to order the aged and signed Perry Burst. It arrived on friday and I picked it up immediately and compared it to The Beast that I got the same day. Now...
  12. sharky

    vintage ES 335 questions II

    Hello vintage ES specialists. I have one to me very urgent questions about a 60s ES-335. If you had an instrument like this in a real good condition, nearly not dinged at all, perfect nitro all over the place but under the blacklight it shows an however changed surface that does not glow under...
  13. sharky

    Kossoff VOS checked

    Hey together, i needed some small things from the music store, so why not just sneek into the CS department and check, if the Kossoff in VOS would sit there and wait. And she was! I just took it off the stand and whoops, lightweighted thing. I sat down there for a while, turning it in my hands...
  14. sharky

    vintage ES 335 questions

    Hey together, while looking for a vintage Gold Top some vintage ES 335 crossed my way. I immediately remembered, how much i liked Alvin Lee and of course how much i like B.B. King and the great tone of his ES. But since i am more or less clueless about those, i have a few questions i would...
  15. sharky

    questions about Gary Rossington Les Paul

    Hi @ all, i'm thinking about getting me a Gary Rossington Les Paul and found for example this one: http://www.maverick-music.com/gibson-guitars/2002-gibson-gary-rossington-59-les-paul-standard What do you think the asking price should be like? I found another one but don't remember where...