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  1. The Guitar Hunter

    storm in a teacup ?

    Ok, what if the finish on the cases start to flake off? I'll just leave everything in the box.
  2. The Guitar Hunter

    Current bursts for sale...

    The auction for 9 0643 and 9 0696 ends on Saturday.
  3. The Guitar Hunter

    Honest Review - Gibson Murphy Lab Heavy Aged

    it's still on Youtube, but for whatever reason it won't post here.
  4. The Guitar Hunter

    Visiting LA-Best shops for Custom/Historic LP's?

    Funny, I'm in LA and headed to Chicago till Sunday if you have any suggestions send them my way. I'm already planning to stop at CME. Aside from Norm's, check out Imperial Vintage (Sherman Oaks, Burbank, and OC) and Wild West Guitars in Pasadena has some nice Custom Shop stuff. You'll need to...
  5. The Guitar Hunter

    Honest Review - Gibson Murphy Lab Heavy Aged

    I found it on Youtube. I just tried posting it, but still not working
  6. The Guitar Hunter

    Honest Review - Gibson Murphy Lab Heavy Aged

    good review and comparison. I'm not sold on these based on what I've seen and played, but I'm sure they're great for those that are. I'll stick with my pedestrian or muggle Custom Shop guitars.
  7. The Guitar Hunter

    Flametop Friday!!!

    Happy Flametop Friday. I picked up this one today from my friends at Wild West 1960 60h Anniversary V2 - Orange Lemon Fade
  8. The Guitar Hunter

    Historic Makeovers NGD

    they did an awesome job on that. congrats!
  9. The Guitar Hunter

    Gibson Murphy Lab...

    yeah definitely weird. it could be the store or the conditions that it has been in or something like that. They also had a 60 V2 with no reflector knob covers so who knows what's going on there.
  10. The Guitar Hunter

    Gibson Murphy Lab...

    I don't have a lot of experience playing vintage guitars, but I can't imagine they feel like the way this light aged 58 felt like that I played today. Kinda sticky to some extent and the checking didn't look that great. But again, maybe it's spot on and I'm the one without the knowledge. I hope...
  11. The Guitar Hunter

    Gibson Murphy Lab...

    I think at that point it's just a M2M guitar. All the lab does is the relic and aging work. Maybe consider a Murphy painted guitar???
  12. The Guitar Hunter

    9s or 10s on your Les Paul?

    10s for me. It's what I'm used to. I've tried higher at times, but always come back to 10s
  13. The Guitar Hunter

    NGD: Bird Sighting

    I got this guitar the week everything shut down, including my job for at least the next year :rolleyes Here is the Jimmy V Firebird This was made for Jimmy Vivino in 2011. I gotta go back and see if he used it on any episodes of Conan I'm loving it and love the inverness green...