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  1. clearmudd

    photo test, of my historics.

    these are pixs of my historics and a norlin custom. first two are a cc#28 then a r8 , r7gt, and the '79 custom. Let me know if it worked. thanks
  2. clearmudd

    If they made a CC/sig jimmy page #3

    What version would you choose, with or without the Parson/White string bender? I would think it would be pretty cool to have a factory made LP with a bender installed. Or do you think it could happen?
  3. clearmudd

    Fret wire on historics

    Hello everyone , I'm new to this. I'm a product of the 60's and guitar nerd most of my life. Being a computer retard, forgive my slurred speech, I am a bit slow. Through my many years of playing and owning les paul's, my experiences have been like many of you. I have felt sheer happiness to...