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  1. Mike R.

    Les Paul Tribute pickup swap. Stock to Duncan Antiquity. Very pleased.

    I just had the stock pickups on my 2017 Tribute swapped out for the Duncan Antiquity set and could not be more pleased. What a difference over the stock parts. The Antiquity are clearer, woodier and just more all around pleasant to hear. (Pre swap photo)
  2. Mike R.

    How do you give a guitar that aged patina?

    How would one give an aged patina to a shiny finish? Not finish checking, just that dullish played in look as opposed to the shiny, polished look. Thanks!
  3. Mike R.

    Building a great LP clean tone: help...

    What is your recipe for a great LP clean tone? Think big and clear, piano like bass, clear but not piercing treble, and balanced across the spectrum. Fire away...
  4. Mike R.

    Wolfe Dr. Vintage pickup height?

    For those that are using these, have you found the best balance/tone by using lower than average settings? I am curious as to how you guys set yours. Thanks!
  5. Mike R.

    Has anyone replaced their Les Paul h/b's with h/b sized P-90?

    Has anyone replaced their Les Paul h/b's with h/b sized P-90? Something like the Fralin P-92 or the Duncan Phat Cat? I am tossing around the idea of trying a humbucking size P-90 replacement in my R7 and wanted to know if anyone has tried this and if you have, how you liked it. Thanks!!
  6. Mike R.

    6V6 vs. EL84: Which is more Les Paul friendly?

    I own a Ghia combo (EL84) but am wondering about the differences between it and a 6V6 driven amplifier. Thanks!
  7. Mike R.

    G string....why why why do you not want to play nice?

    Why does the G string sound so crappy compared to the others? Why does it not ring as nice, sustain as long, and generally not give a crap about how it performs? It is just the bad boy of guitar strings? Specifics? I just had a new bone nut (and some other work) done on my R7. New strings...
  8. Mike R.

    Good guitar tech in New Jersey (Central NJ/Princeton locality)

    I need to find a good guitar tech in Central NJ. I am in the Princeton area so someone within a reasonable distance from there. Can anyone pass along a name/number? Thanks!
  9. Mike R.

    Removing strings from guitar for work. How long is OK?

    Probably a dumb question but here goes... I am replacing the pickups, electronics, getting a tonepros tail piece and bridge replacement, and switch on my R7. I want to start the work piecemeal as the components arrive. The question is: Am I ill advised to remove the strings and just...
  10. Mike R.

    Wobbly pickups: How do you guys stabilize?

    I swapped out my R7's BB's for a pair of Wolfes Dr. Vintage and the neck pick up is a little wobbly in the ring. I want to stabilize it in some way. How do you guys do it? Thanks!
  11. Mike R.

    Splicing shielded wire - How to do it

    Nevermind...figured it out....
  12. Mike R.

    Analogman fighting internet terrorists? KOT being sold on EBAY only now.

    It seems people on the waiting list for KOT pedals (some for years) from Analogman might be out of luck. He is selling them on EBAY, not direct. See below.
  13. Mike R.

    Electronics upgrade: RS or Dr. Vintage?

    For my Historic Les Paul. Comments? Differences? Is one better than the other? Thanks!!
  14. Mike R.

    Reverb pedal for non-reverb amp?

    My Dr. Z Carmen Ghia combo has no reverb. I would like to add a little reverb sometimes, so I am looking for some pedal based options. I dont want to go crazy expensive, as it will be used lightly, nothing surfy or too deep. Does anyone have any advice on where I should be looking? Thanks in...
  15. Mike R.

    Are the Historics of today the super valuable collectors of tomorrow?

    Just curious. I'm not trolling, I own two myself and was just curious.
  16. Mike R.

    London 65 - Anyone own one?

    I just picked up a London 65 18W head with a 2 x 12 cabinet (Tone Tubby Alnico and a G12H30). I was wondering if anyone here owns one, have you tried different boosts through it and which ones you have had good luck with. Thanks! Mike R. PS - Please disregard down the page where I say I...
  17. Mike R.

    OCD with P-90's? Yes, no, maybe...?

    I have a Keeley BD2 that I like with my R7 through a Carr Rambler. I'm not so crazy about the R4 into the Keeley through the Rambler though. I lowered the gain, but there is something there with the P-90's and the Keeley Im not fond of. So I am looking for something that will work with the...
  18. Mike R.

    Pick up adjustment and neck vs. bridge volume

    I adjusted the pole pieces to match the radius of my R7. I then adjusted the pick up heights to the starting points in Dan's book (How To Make Your Electric Guitar Play Great, page 116). Everything is great. My question: Should the bridge pickup always have a little more juice in it than the...
  19. Mike R.

    Landgraff D.O. questions.

    I am looking at this costly little pedal and before I jump in, I have a few questions. I will use it wirh my R7 and R4 into a Carr Rambler. -Is it more suited to an amp already breaking up or will it work with something with a lot of clean headroom? I play through a Rambler and it has tons of...
  20. Mike R.

    R4 stiffer action than R7: Question / Help

    I was playing both my R4 and R7 tonight and noticed that the action on the R4 is stiffer than the R7. The R4 obviously has the wrap around and the R7 does not. I would think that, with the wrap around, the R4 would feel more loose. Anyone else ever notice this, and if so, how might I loosen...