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    Assisted Living - gear

    We had to move my mom to assisted living a while back and of course I began thinking where I'll end up if I make it that long. Not a great thought but I was wondering if you could still play what gear you have would you take with you to god's waiting room? I would assume my 1/2 stack would be...
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    Sight unseen

    I was looking at different options for a 50s or 60s USA Les Paul Standard. Musicians Friend caught my eye because of 48 months at 0%. However MF does not post pictures or the weight of the actual guitar you are buying. Especially with a AA top and especially with the weight variance of these...
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    New Bone nut on my 2015 Traditional.

    I blame it on the lockdown. First I replaced the Kluson style tuners with Milk Bottle Grovers. That was a win. Much more stable and precise feeling. Still bored I wanted to see if the many posts I'd read over the years about the nut being the main culprit for tuning issues on Les Pauls. I'm very...
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    Burst Reference

    Is there a go to reference for 1953 1960 Les Pauls. I already have "The Beauty of the Burst" but after buying and reading "The Black Guard" By Natcho Banos, an absolutely superb book about 1950-1954 Telecasters, I wish there was something similar for Les Pauls. If you have not seen the Black...
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    Is Gibson finished with the Historic Les Paul?

    I have been away a couple of years playing with a Nocaster. But recently I purchased a Black face Vibrolux reverb. I finally got around to trying my '99 R9 through it and have not picked up the Nocaster since. Anyway I have not kept up with Gibsons latest efforts to make R8,9 and 0 as much like...
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    Plain vs. Flame $2500.00 difference?

    Besides the top, what are the differences between the 2005 R8 Plaintop and 2005 R9 figured top? If there are none then that 3/4" piece of figured maple is costing almost $2500.00! Last year I had to sell my beloved '99 R9. I am trying to get back in the club but my flame top days are definitely...
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    Missing Sunbursts

    Would it be safe to say, the most famous "missing" vintage burst is Clapton's "Beano" 1960 Les Paul? any others?
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    shave my neck?

    I have a '99 R9. I have kept it primarily because of the weight, 8lbs 1 oz. For the past year or so I have been playing Strats and Teles. The neck size of the LP is an issue now, so much so that I have thought about trading it for a 60 LP. But I really like the unique weight of this guitar and...
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    rs guitar wiring mod

    Just completed. Followed the directions included. Did not use the optional low volume resistor mod. Used on a 1999 R9 with Holmes paf's. Primary amp: all original 1960 Bassman w/ original P12Q's. In a word: Awesome! I was considering selling the bassman, no way. It really is like getting a whole...