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  1. Billy Porter

    Where's Tom Wittrock ?

    Hi Just wondering where Tom Wittrock is nowadays. Doesn't seem to post and is no longer Host on the vintage section. Just curious.
  2. Billy Porter

    The Ikeacaster - when Norlin met Ikea

    Mods: remove if not allowed Thought I'd post some piccies of my latest project If Norlin and Ikea had merged this is what they would have made. I made this from the wreckage of my old Ibanez Blazer and 2 Ikea chopping boards. I accept it's amateurish compared to real Luthier's work but the...
  3. Billy Porter

    Back to the Future. The ABR returns

    Hi I finally put the ABR back on the guitar after lying in the case for the last 32 years. It needed some work and it may be my imagination but it seems to sound a lot better – can’t tell too much yet though as I also put new strings on. It came with an Ibanez bridge which lay loosely on the...
  4. Billy Porter

    A cover up

    I thought that as she’s 41/42 years of age a bit of modesty might be needed so......................... It came to me with the covers in the case in '85 (30years ago :wow) Cleaned up the covers, a quick bit of soldering and voila It's hard to tell from the above photo but the covers are...
  5. Billy Porter

    Mick Ronson's Les Paul + other gear.

    Some cool videos new to Youtube first placed on the Mick Ronson Forum Rick Tedesco talking about Ronsons iconic 1968 LP custom http://youtu.be/bjuIIglVB5E To Mick Ronson fans this is the equivalent of The Beano or Page's no 2 and although I'm sure some of the members on this forum may laugh...
  6. Billy Porter

    What LP is this? Big Country c1988

    Any ideas what this Les Paul is c1988? Heritage 80? Stuart Adamson (RIP) – Big Country more renowned for using Yamahas http://youtu.be/Qpl22uxcUBc No need to critique the music – it may not be not Page, Clapton, Keef. Bloomfield or Allman but still relevant to some I'm just interested in...
  7. Billy Porter

    Music Ground to close but E-bay operation now musicincuk

    Didn’t know were to post this but thought it would be of interest to some forum members If you read the comments you’ll note that although Music Ground has ceased trading that its E-bay operation has changed name to musicincuk (Music Inc UK) One of the partners states that its merely closing...
  8. Billy Porter

    Unclowning the burst - sunbathed beauty

    Ok - not a real burst but a 73 LPC in cherry sunburst Inspired by what Nicolasrivera (thanks) had done I thought I’d see if I could fade my 71 LPC. Having lived most of its life in a case for safe storage it had next to no fade and had been accused of being a clownburst on this forum. I...
  9. Billy Porter

    68 LP Custom Pick-ups (Mick Ronsons Guitar)

    The pictures below is of one of the pickups currently in Mick Ronson’s 68 Les Paul Custom Pictures Courtesy of KaneManic (Mick Ronson Forum) I thought a 68 would be a T-Top. Any ideas what it is ? Some more pictures I've had the picture below for a while so cannot vouch that its the...
  10. Billy Porter

    UK Prices - what's happened ??

    Am I imagining it or could you buy a Custom for under £2k a few months back. Now around £2700 :wow I was thinking of getting a studio this summer . They were going for £599 – now £929. :wow I'm sure you could shop around and get a standard under £1k in the summer –now they seem to be...
  11. Billy Porter

    1950s Les Paul - ex John Miles

    Hi This item was raised over at the Mick Ronson forum http://cgi.ebay.ie/JOHN-MILES-USED-OWNED-GIBSON-GUITAR-1950s-original_W0QQitemZ310035517576QQihZ021QQcategoryZ33040QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Its interesting that the seller juts states that it’s a ‘1950s’ and that the only...
  12. Billy Porter

    Keeping Maple top nice 'n' new

    Hi A colleague from another forum has asked me to post this question. He has a Mick Ronson replica purchased from Guitar Hanger. It has a sanded front which he is becoming a bit 'dirty' with normal usage. He likes the new Maple look - how can he keep it looking this way and is there a...
  13. Billy Porter

    UK - Custom prices gone silly ?

    Lately in the UK prices for old Les Pauls has gone ballistic. Check out the 71 custom at http://www.vintageandrareguitars.com/index.cfm?method=site.product_list&category_id=54 £3850 !!!! Have they really doubled in value in 6 months ??
  14. Billy Porter

    T Top Troubles ?

    Hi, Just noticed something odd about my T-Tops. When standing up on the stand the neck pickup T’s are mirrored i.e. the top coil’s T is upside down (the coil with the screwheads) whilst the bridge pickups are both upright Is this normal ? Another Gibson ‘feature’ ?