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  1. tjdjr1

    2016 Traditional 50's neck profile

    I really like my 16 Trad but just haven't bonded with the larger 50's style neck. My 2 Norlin era's and 19 Classic all feel relatively the same. My question is can the neck profile be changed to a 60's profile without compromising the neck stability since it is a mahogany neck ?
  2. tjdjr1

    Vineham pickups 6070's

    I have purchased a couple of sets of humbuckers (SV59's and 6070's) and I also have a Whisky burner. The 6070's are a great sounding pickup Craig does a great job on his pups. If anyone looking for a t-top type/paf type humbucker can't go wrong there ! I also have a Sweet V 59 set in my...
  3. tjdjr1

    61 zebra magnet change..

    I really like the 61 zebra pups in my 19 Classic, but there was a slight ice picky tone to bridge pickup. I swapped in a alnico II magnet into the bridge 61 and nice change kept the overall tone of the pickup but did rid it of the ice picky frequency i was hoping to cure. Anyone ever try any...
  4. tjdjr1

    2019 Classic pc board...

    Has anyone analyzed the pc board as far as the yellow upright caps (I believe caps) ? What are they for I see the caps for the tone pots, not sure what the others are for ? Thanks, Tom
  5. tjdjr1

    NGD 2019 Classic Honey Burst is very nice !

    Since I recently got back into the band scene playing a couple times a month the bug for new guitars has bitten me. in 2016 I bought a new Traditional and really like that guitar, then I saw a open box return 2017 SG at MF so it fell into the cart, nice guitars. This week I saw a honey burst...
  6. tjdjr1

    cabinet versatility

    I am looking for a bit of versatility and some gear options, for larger rooms I like to run a 4x12 cab.Recently I have been thinking of carrying 2 2x12 cabs in our trailer both wired in series so each cab was 16 ohms. If running both and the amp changed to 8 ohm will two cabs in series matter?
  7. tjdjr1

    57 classic +

    I bought a used / never installed 57 classic plus zebra from a seller on ebay. I metered the pup and it reads a bit higher than my other 57 c+. My original is in the guitar (2016 traditional) and I know with the pot will read a bit lower than without it reads 7.8 with a 3 ft cable and pot all...