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  1. pilotlight

    P-90's: Talk about your favorite non-Gibson experiences

    UPDATE: The custom shop Gibson P-90's really started to dial in before I swapped in the Tyson Tones. Unfortunately, the recorded samples I created for the Gibson I unknowingly deleted. Found this out last night as I just after I had mounted the Tyson Tone '57 p90's. The delay was that the...
  2. pilotlight

    P-90's: Talk about your favorite non-Gibson experiences

    I think I am actually going to shoot them out.. Mic up my drip edge super reverb, leave settings and record before and after. I really want an authentic comparison so the winning set can be clearly determined. I will upload results and share here for everyone.
  3. pilotlight

    P-90's: Talk about your favorite non-Gibson experiences

    I'm going to give the Tyson Tone p90's a go. Will relay my findings. Thanks everyone!
  4. pilotlight

    P-90's: Talk about your favorite non-Gibson experiences

    I've had some of Jim's humbuckers over the years. Loved them! Thanks.
  5. pilotlight

    P-90's: Talk about your favorite non-Gibson experiences

    Beautiful rig there, ourmaninthenorth!
  6. pilotlight

    P-90's: Talk about your favorite non-Gibson experiences

    My R6 is I believe a 2020. I'm loving the clean tones, but where I'm focusing in is the overdriven tonal range. As with the YouTube video I mentioned, great P-90's tend to have that honk and clarity. The bridge isn't too bitey, but rather full bodied.. Neck has harmonic richness...
  7. pilotlight

    P-90's: Talk about your favorite non-Gibson experiences

    The tones here (albeit with a proper vintage LP) are just magic!! YouTube video titled: "John Nemeth And The Bo-Keys Said Too Much Live 2013 BMAs" The 3:30 mark... Just sick.
  8. pilotlight

    P-90's: Talk about your favorite non-Gibson experiences

    I recently happened into a lovely Pelham Blue R6 that is a joy to play... I've owned plenty of Les Pauls, but never of the P-90 variety.. It just sings with my '68 Super Reverb, and have no immediate plans to change out any parts. That said, I have found in my experiences with humbuckers...
  9. pilotlight

    TV Special Love

    As a long time fan of STP, and especially the guitarist Dean DeLeo,, it's no suprise to see him coax great rock tones out of his trusty '57... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gw5J3yfvos0&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtNqhpiW9k0&feature=related If I ever get a vintage gibby...
  10. pilotlight

    Peter Florence replicas...

    TW, please forgive this thread's intrusion, but I'm looking for the input of ppl well versed in vintage gibsons and replica examples. How favorably do these replica's stand up agains their vintage counterparts? Peter's pickups have widespread acclaim, but I've heard very little about his...
  11. pilotlight

    Neck profile on '60 DC Special

    What is the common neck profile on dc '60 specials? Thanks!
  12. pilotlight

    Brothers in Arms

    This song brings me to tears every time I hear it. I think it is one of the greatest rock tunes ever written w/ a guitar tone as real and alive as ever recorded (the album version). This recent live ('05) version has a symphonic background which adds a different vibe. Very cool. A burst in...
  13. pilotlight

    '59 what?

    What exactly does this appear to be? :hmm http://cgi.ebay.com/OLD-COOL-COLLECTABLE-GIBSON-LES-PAUL-GUITAR-NO-RE-ERVE_W0QQitemZ330056056929QQihZ014QQcategoryZ38086QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem If this is a "baywatch" item, my apologies, but the "emperor" claims this to be a '59. :rolleyes...
  14. pilotlight

    Historic SC Special vs. 50's Specials

    I want to get legitimate tonal comparisons from ppl who have owned both. We all know the merits of '50s' era gibsons, so just sticking to sonic remarks would be very helpful! :yah
  15. pilotlight

    70's Les Paul Signatures - Neck profile?

    Owners, what is the neck profile of these strange birds? I've always loved the look and am considering one.. Thanks!
  16. pilotlight

    '58 Junior --- "the horror"

    Tom, I sure you'd prefer this in another section, but I thought I would share an ebay auction for a project junior... for no other reason than sh#ts and giggles. Please people, SAY NO TO CRACK...
  17. pilotlight

    '69 Deluxe,,,,, or not???

    Proported: no volute, "made in us", factory bigsby I wasn't sure that these came in this color in '69? Is $2500 a decent range, if it is indeed a '69. It's a heavy bugger at 11 lbs...
  18. pilotlight

    '69 Deluxe spec question

    Does a mid-late '69 deluxe with no volute and a 3 pc neck have a long neck tennon? I couldnt' find specifics in an exhaustive search. What profile neck do they have? Also, p90's drop right in, right? Any drawbacks? Experts, front and center! :yah
  19. pilotlight

    P90 size question

    I have a Fender Tele-Sonic that I love to death. I really like the DeArmond pups, but have thought seriously about trying a set of vintage or boutique P90's instead.. Would they fit, anyone? I think it might add some of that gibson p90 snarl.. :yah Thanks, Shamus
  20. pilotlight

    Cap swap advice por favor...

    I have Darkbursts in my '03 Std. Plus and find that I love the bridge but the neck is a bit too dark. Distorted chords are a little to "rolled off",, lack the bite I'm looking for.. I have RS kit Hovlands in there right now. I've done a search,, but want to ask people's opinions of what...