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  1. Elmore

    Guitar Trader Reissue Les Paul Ad In Guitar Player

    I believe this is from 1982. I actually have the magazine. Interesting reading.
  2. Elmore

    Found My Perfect Pickup Combo

    My number one Les Paul is an ‘87 Prehistoric/Standard (avatar). I put in 500K CTS pots and Jensen paper in oil caps. I finally put in pickups that give me what I want. In the neck is an early 70’s Gibson T-Top. It has the patent sticker. In the bridge is a new Seymour Duncan Whole Lotta...
  3. Elmore

    Pre Aged Gibson Case Released

    What do you guys think of this one? Looks nice, but $600 is pricey. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/accessories/gibson-historic-replica-les-paul-case-hand-aged
  4. Elmore

    2018 Les Paul Traditional Pots?

    The other guitar player in my band is close to purchasing a 2018 Les Paul Traditional. I read the specs and it looks good to me, including nickel hardware. The one thing I cannot find is the pot rating. Does anyone know if these are 500K or 300K?
  5. Elmore

    Eric Clapton Killing a Les Paul

    This is better than good. Man, he is making it sing. <iframe width="854" height="480" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/eU1ks8mL9OM" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  6. Elmore

    Les Paul vs Telecaster Deluxe - Guitar Tone Comparison!

    Interesting comparison. <iframe width="500" height="300" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/W0Qz6Zukklc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  7. Elmore

    Victory For JHS In Gibson Counterfeiting Case

  8. Elmore

    TPK/TonePros Kluson Line of Tuner Products Discontinued

    I just realized that the TPK/TonePros Kluson line of Tuner products has been discontinued. I am disappointed as I have those outstanding tuners on two Les Pauls. Does anyone know what is going on the current Historics and USA Standards? At this point, what is the best set of new tuners that...
  9. Elmore

    Gibson To Increase Prices and Update Models For 2015

    I had not heard this before today. This is an interesting read. http://reverb.com/blog/gibson-to-increase-prices-update-models-for-2015
  10. Elmore

    Gibson '59 Tribute Humbucker

    The 2014 Les Paul Traditional is shipping with a new Gibson humbucker. It is called the Gibson '59 Tribute. It is touted as another voice in the in the Burstbucker family. It has more wire turns on the screw coil. A standard Burstbucker has more winds on the slug coil. The '59 Tribute...
  11. Elmore

    Identify This Gibson Acoustic

    Man, I would like to know what year/model this is. My first guitar teacher had one of these. I was just a kid, but I always remembered it. I was watching Netflix tonight and saw this. I have never seen one like it since. I always remembered the neck on it. It was like ivory. I seem to...
  12. Elmore

    Need ABR1 Bridge Advice

    I have recently realized that I cannot properly set the intonation on the low E string of my number 1 LP standard because the saddle does not have enough room to travel. I even flipped it to gain maximum travel space. The saddle is all the way back. The string needs to be a little longer...
  13. Elmore

    What pots in a 1997 R8?

    Greetings Historic District Forum brothers. I do not normally post here as I only own Gibson USA stuff (so far). But I have an appropriate question. A good friend just bought a 1997 R8 of the bay. He says it looks and sounds great and I believe it. I am wondering: Does anyone know what type...
  14. Elmore

    What LP Is Jimmy Page Playing Here?

    This is from a Catalina Island, California Yardbirds concert in 1966. It looks like a standard to me. I did not know he played a standard in 1966. Perhaps Jeff Beck's guitar?
  15. Elmore

    Need Advice On Nickel Stop Tailpiece Studs

    I am trying to find a set of nickel stop taipiece studs for my '71 routed Les Paul Deluxe. I am converting all of the hardware from chrome to nickel. I believe that the stop tailpiece bushings in it now were installed in '95 with a chrome Gotoh tailpiece. I thought it was a Gibson chrome stop...
  16. Elmore

    Les Paul Deluxe Silk Screen

    I was wondering if anyone knows when the logo on the Les Paul Deluxe changed from silk screen to a decal. I have heard 1973. Dating early seventies LP Deluxes is tough, and every clue helps.
  17. Elmore

    Need help dating a pot on my old sunburst LP Deluxe

    I have a LP Deluxe that I bought in '75. I was told it was a '69 back then, but I am fairly sure it is not. It is a cherry sunburst. It has "Made In USA" on the back of the headstock. It has a volute. It has a mahogany neck. My guess is '70 or '71. The rhythm tone pot has this code: CBA...
  18. Elmore

    What year does this pot code designate?

    I need some advice on a pot code from the experts. I have an old LP Deluxe. I was told it was a '69 when I bought it years ago in '75, but I am pretty sure it is not. It is a cherry sunburst, has a volute, has a made in the USA stamp on the back of the headstock. The neck is mahogany. My...
  19. Elmore

    Fat vs Slim Necks

    I have been researching this one. I have one question. If fat necks sound better, why does Eric Johnson always play thin ones? I know he has a '60 burst, and his strat Virginia had a thin neck, as do his 335's. Several years ago, one of his 335's was for sale at the Atlanta Guitar Center.
  20. Elmore

    Fat vs Slim necks and their tone

    I have been researching this one. I have one question. If fat necks sound better, why does Eric Johnson always play thin ones? I know he has a '60 burst, and his strat Virginia had a thin neck, as do his 335's. Several years ago, one of his 335's was for sale at the Atlanta Guitar Center.