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  1. Hot_Snake

    Did Neal Young ever use a Korina Explorer ?

    Picture is attached :)
  2. Hot_Snake

    Inherited a Rolex. Does Anyone Know About Them?

    Sorry for your uncle. Water resistance would be the main issue if you plan to wear the watch. two solutions : 1- find a trusty shop where your watch can have basic maintenance using original parts. It means service the movement and replace the joints / plexi dome. Just be 100% sure the people...
  3. Hot_Snake

    Which caps to replace Astrons in tweed amps?

    Jupiter yellows are great for replacing old yellows Astron - same goes for the reds. F&T or Sprague for electrolytics.
  4. Hot_Snake

    Amps you sold but should have kept

    ‘59 Gibson GA5 ... a champ killer !
  5. Hot_Snake

    Plastic Poker chip help

    to me the DMC is the one mounted on the guitar. the pink one on the top is Historic one (correct color for that era of Custom Shop) the bottom one is WD.
  6. Hot_Snake

    Original invoice

    Here it is :)
  7. Hot_Snake

    Show us your plain top R8....

    Here's my TH58 reissue, 2016 one :
  8. Hot_Snake

    Tribute to Edwin Wilson & Rick Gembar's era (1993 to 2017) : post your Historics !

    Re: Tribute to Edwin Wilson & Rick Gembar's era (1993 to 2017) : post your Historics 2016 True Historic '58 :) 2004 reissue '58 i sold a few years ago to fund an old ES330T :
  9. Hot_Snake

    NGD : 2016 True Historic '58

    Quick feedback about my new Les Paul. I previously owned for 6 years a nice R8 from 2004. Because of this forum, i ended up in replacing nearly everything on it (hardware, plastic, pickups, ...). I finally sold the guitar to buy an old ES330T. Never had any regret, as the 330 is just great. Even...
  10. Hot_Snake

    9 0617 for sell in France

    a good friend sent me the link of this catalogue, the auction happens this week-end in Paris : http://www.castor-hara.com/flash/index.jsp?id=26833&idCp=195&lng=fr go to item #91 for the pics : http://www.castor-hara.com/html/zoom.jsp?id=5856599 i don't have any affiliation with the auction...
  11. Hot_Snake

    Inside Abbey Road

    Don't know if it has been posted before, but have a look here : https://insideabbeyroad.withgoogle.com
  12. Hot_Snake

    9 0676 in France

    right here : http://www.woodstore.fr/fr-2013/index.php?option=com_zoo&task=item&item_id=397&Itemid=102 we don't see this kind of stuff very often in France ! ps: i don't have any affiliation with the shop !
  13. Hot_Snake

    My 2004 reissue '58

    All the "upgrades" i wanted are now done, so it's time to show you my beloved '58 reissue. Made in 2004, washed cherry finish, i own it since 2006. I originally wanted a Goldtop, but at this time Custom Shop were very hard to find here in France, so i went for a sunburst : I had the...