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    Goldtop VOS Finish - How does it age?

    Hey everyone, I am now the proud owner of a beautiful 56 Reissue Goldtop VOS. I really dig it so far, I am wondering how the Goldtop will age with the Nitrocellulose VOS finish. Let me know your experience and maybe post some pics. And if you have any tips on the P90 Pickups let me know as...
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    Going to buy a Les Paul - need some help

    Thanks for all the replys. I think I will just go to the shop and try every Les Paul. That being said they mainly have 60th Anniversary´s available. Is the Gibson custom shop that much better?
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    Going to buy a Les Paul - need some help

    The Guitar was bougth 1983 and since then has been rarely played. Basically sitting in the closet. Everything is Original on it and the only damage I´ve spotted was a small scratch lol. That being said the Standard 60s goes for 2300€ and the vintage 81 goes for 3800€. And I really dig the...
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    Going to buy a Les Paul - need some help

    Hey guys, right now im interested in a 60s Standard that was produced 2019 under the new leadership. Im gonna drive to the store to test the guitar out beforehand in a couple of weeks. Im wondering if the early Gibson models under the new leadership are as good as they are now? Also what Era...