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    Joe Bonamassa's burst "Spot" is for sale at Rumbleseat

    Public service announcement...
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    Uncirculated Clean 1960 Burst at Willies

    Not much info on it yet. Does anyone know anything about it?
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    ***2008 Gibson 50th Anni. Korina V***

    For sale is an extremely rare 2008 Gibson Custom Shop Limited Edition 50th Anniversary Historic ’58 Korina Flying V. Only 100 50th Anniversary Flying V’s were ever made and Gibson is no longer using Korina. Period. These are the closest replicas Gibson has made to date to the vintage ’58-’59...
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    FS: Nicky CC#24 Incredible Top

    Due to a recent vintage purchase, I'm having to part with my Nicky. I absolutely hate to have to sell this guitar but you know how it goes. This is the guitar I traded my Yaron for. That's how good it is. The top imo is the closest I've seen to the real one as many have agreed. 8lbs and 2oz...
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    As a result of some fortunate circumstances, I ended up with this amazing guitar. It's #135. I wanted to let the pictures do the talking. I think it's one of the closest tops I've seen to the original Nicky. At 8.1 lbs, it just honks. Very hollow, woody tone. The guitar resonates like a...