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    Guy that had WTB oxblood ad

    nevermind nevermind
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    marshallheads v. Dr. vintage (output volume)

    Hi guys, I'm having a 335 spec'd out, and am torn between these two pickups. Just how 'hot' are the Mhs? I want some headroom with my amp. For example, my p90 guitar overdrives the input very early, something around the 9 o'clock area. I don't want that in this guitar. I want some nice...
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    R4 - what is the deal?

    I have a quick question that I'm sure someone here knows the answer too. What is the deal with the r4? Is it still produced? It is not on gibson's website, but i do see it on musiciansfriend.com. It also comes in a cool sunburst color on MF. I hope that isn't a MF exclusive.... thanks corey
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    tuning machines bore

    I have a VOS LP junior with the 3 on a plate kluson style tuners that say deluxe on the back. I was wondering what size the bore is on these? 1/4 (6mm)? thanks corey
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    68k resistor

    Anyone want to throw one in an envolope and send it to me so i don't have to pay 6 bucks shipping for a ten cent resistor? Or likewise does anyone know of a place in dallas that would have them. Radioshack doesn't carry this specific value. thanks corey
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    Intonation woes

    Well, after adjusting my action (raising it quiet a bit) on my new 336, i've come up with a problem. The bridge saddlse are as far back as they can go, and the intonation is still off(way off on the bass e string). Is there anything i can do to help this? thanks corey
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    New 336

    Her she is.... SN# cs60358 weighing in at 6.8lbs First impressions are "wow that is small" alot smaller than i thought. I haven't plugged her in yet, but man it sounds great. Alot of open woody tone.... very much like my old 335 that i miss so much. Sounds just spectacular. The neck has a...
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    336 w/ 50s neck

    Anyone know where to find one? The guy in the classified section hasn't responded (sent an email about a week ago requesting pictures). I would prefer a plain top, and i would also prefer to keep it under $3000. thanks guys corey
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    Buy Before You Try

    I want this thread to be based on fact, not opinion...so please refrain. (1) Have you bought a gibson without trying it first, and ended up with a sub-par guitar (something physically wrong with it)? And if so how many times have you been 'burned' like so. (2)What model guitar was it? (3)What...
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    ES-335: Regular or Historic

    Generally speaking... Are historic 335s better tonally (i know this is subjective) than production models? How so? What are the construction differences between the two? thanks corey
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    WCR model differences

    Hello, While looking at the WCR website, i can't help but want a more in depth description of his pickups. Between the crossroads, darkburst, and g--dw--ds they all seem like PAF, with the darkburst and g--dw--ds overwound. What is the tonal differences between these models? Also you guys that...
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    p90s / hum. in hollowbody

    p90s / hum. in semi-hollowbody Can someone give me some sort of tonal report of the differences in p90s from a solidbody(junior) to a semi-hollow(like a 335). Do you guys prefer humbuckers or 90s in your semi-hollows? It has been so long since i've played a humbucker...and im looking at...
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    336 v 335

    hello! I was wondering if you guys could shed some light on the tonal differences of the historic 335 and 336. None of the local shops around here seem to carry the 336, and the clips on gibson's page are so vastly different, both in style and gain/amp settings, that they become useless. If...