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  1. Stoj

    NAD - Bludotone Bludo Drive

    Game, Set & Match - I just scored a new Bludotone Bludo Drive & it is without a doubt the best amp I've ever heard, played or owned. I know it's easy to get caught up in hype but this is not one of those times. This amp is amazing and hats off to Brandon who has knocked it out of the park...
  2. Stoj

    NGD's x2 1960 Fender Custom Shop Reissues

    Scored these two beauties in 2 days of each other. I must say the guitars coming out of the Fender CS are amongst some of the most consistent guitars I've played in a very long time. Both these 2 guitars are feather weight and sound fantastic :dude: The first is a 2014 Teambuilt 1960...
  3. Stoj

    NGD - CS Telecaster Custom

    Picked this baby up over the weekend a CS Tele Custom - Thought you guys might enjoy some pics :salude Perfect sister for my Esquire :dude:
  4. Stoj

    Brad Whitford new 1958 Gibson Les Paul Standard Goldtop

    Great to see that this beauty has ended up with Brad :dude: :dude: :salude http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqLvI-8_tAc
  5. Stoj

    New Esquire Day

    I picked this beauty up on Tuesday night, for a single Pickup guitar it is so versatile :dude: 2008 NAMM Esquire Custom Shop which Billy Gibbons was involved in the pickup design together with Seymour Duncan :salude Here's BG playing the Black version...
  6. Stoj

    High End Single Cut FS

    This is as close to a Real Burst without dropping $250K Specs The finest quality old growth lumber, and old school techniques. Hot hide glue and Nitro-Cellulose finish are just two of the vintage inspired details FULL SPECS: - One piece Honduran mahogany body - Single piece neck with...
  7. Stoj

    59 Burst at GC

    Is this the same guitar that was discussed a few months back :hmm http://www.guitarcenter.com/Used/Gibson/Vintage-1959-Les-Paul-Standard-Sunburst-Solid-Body-Electric-Guitar.gc
  8. Stoj

    Melbourne Guitar Show

    Any Aussies attending the Melbourne Guitar Show next weekend ? http://www.australianmusician.com.au/melbourne-guitar-show/
  9. Stoj

    1960 Burst

    Not sure if this one has been discussed ? Really $999,999 :hmm https://reverb.com/item/561731-gibson-les-paul-standard-1960-cherry-sunburst
  10. Stoj

    WTB '57 - '60 Gibson Les Paul Standard

    Hi all, As the title states. I am currently in the market for an entry level VINTAGE '57 - '60 Gibson Les Paul Standard If you are considering selling or know of anyone could pls contact me :salude I can be contacted at: stojanovskit@optusnet.com.au Thanks, Tony
  11. Stoj

    Replica Les Pauls show em!!

    Hi All, Thanks to our Mods we now have permission to post our Replicas builds. Please note I have been advised that under no circumstances are headstock logos allowed to be displayed. Lets's respect our mods decision as I think this is a great step forward for our forum. Let's not turn this...
  12. Stoj

    '58 in Brazil

    This '58 is offered for sale in Brazil and the store appears to be a reputable dealer who has some nice guitars in stock. Apparently it's for sale at $25K, could this be the steal of the decade, a conversion or a replica :hmm Serial number is 8 1804 do any of you guys in the know, know about...
  13. Stoj

    NGD - 2002 Gibson ES-335 1963 Reissue Yamano Special Run

    As some of you know, I have been GASSING for a 335 for a while now and I managed to score this baby yesterday :dude: She's a 2002 '63 Reissue Yamano Special Run Without further to do :salude
  14. Stoj

    FS - Gibson Custom Shop Collector’s Choice Number 7 Shanks

    2013 - Gibson Custom Shop Collector’s Choice Number 7 1960 Les Paul "SHANKS" In original condition, possibly the only one in Australia with a serial number under 10, Comes with all the Case Candy & COA $6,500 AU plus shipping Please PM should you be interested: Here's the blurb from the...
  15. Stoj

    NGD - 2011 R4

    As many of you know I have had major GAS for an R4 for some time now, Thanks to forum brother Chris (Red Baron) :salude for putting me onto her & as an added bonus the guitar wasn't to far from me 30 mins up the road :dude: Here are some pics, I'm taking her to band practice tonight so a full...
  16. Stoj

    Tonal Differences Between Mahogany & Maple Top

    Hi Guys, I am currently in discussion with a guy who owns a 1957 GT which he has for sale is mahogany. I am wondering if there is a major difference in tone/sound between Mahogany vs. Maple Top ? Is mahogany less desirable than maple ? Thanks in advance :salude
  17. Stoj

    Rich Robinson 1963 ES 335

    Looks like Gibson Memphis will be releasing a Rich Robinson 1963 ES 335 based of Rich's original 335. This sounds like a cool idea & well overdue IMO, Rich has been using his original 335 for over a decade now exclusively :yah http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DMmyN2m1Gg
  18. Stoj

    CC #13 Spoonful burst

    Sorry if this has already been posted, I did a quick search & didn't find anything. It looks like they're almost ready to hit the stores & it sure does look like another nice CC IMO :salude...
  19. Stoj

    Finally the Frank Zappa SG

    http://davesguitar.com/products/gibson-usa/frank-zappa-roxy-sg/ :headbange
  20. Stoj

    Collector's Choice Number 7 1960 Les Paul "Shanks" Aged LP

    A big thanks to Dave & Co from Dave's Guitars for a smooth transaction. Also a big thanks to Chris (Red Baron) for putting me onto her. Here are some photo's of my CC#7 (serial number 6) from Dave's site, The guitar is in transit & should arrive on Friday so hopefully I will recieve her on...